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Importing Yarns from China
Chunky Yarns
Importing Chunky Yarns from China

This yarn is so chunky that you’re not really supposed to knit it with knitting needles, though you can. In China, you can find the most chunky yarns manufacturer and supplier in Guangdong provinces. China suppliers provide high-quality yarns to meet your business and brand objectives. They offer high-quality standards and supplies various brands of yarns. They provide all designs, and customizations to make your ideal chunky yarns.

Cotton Yarns
Importing Cotton Yarns from China

Cotton yarn is excellent for making lightweight, breathable garments that are comfortable to wear next to the skin. Cotton is composed almost entirely of cellulose, an organic compound that when worn will actively conduct heat away from the body. Experienced yarns supplier and manufacturer supply all types of durable yarns to support your growing business.

Crochet Yarns scaled
Importing Crochet Yarns from China

Get crochet yarns from verified suppliers in China. Yarns suppliers and manufacturer are most in Guangdong province. A wide variety of Yarns are provided by these suppliers. These experienced manufacturers have been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality crochet yarn products and build better relationships with them.

Fancy Yarns
Importing Fancy Yarns from China

For your huge needs of fancy yarns of your business, you can find professional suppliers and manufacturer in Guangdong provinces.  You can import a wide variety of fancy yarn options that are available to you. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification. Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China can help you a lot of money and effort.

Knitting Yarns
Importing Knitting Yarns from China

China knitting yarns manufacturers and suppliers are most in Guangdong provinces. There are lots of verified and experience suppliers based there. Whether you need to import knitting yarns for personal or business, China window parts manufacturers can satisfy your needs. Find a supplier that complies with international standards and has passed manufacturing certifications.

Novelty Yarns
Importing Novelty Yarns from China

These yarns are used in apparel and furnishings. Novelty yarn in which, the effect ply forms alternating open loops along both sides of the yarn. Snarl yarns are also known as spike yarns. These yarns are used in apparel, knitting, furnishings, and even soft toys. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. China can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Polyester Yarns
Importing Polyester Yarns from China

Find your ideal polyester yarn from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands of polyester yarns. They manufactured a high standard of yarns to meet the needs of your special requirements. They provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Manufacturers and factories of yarns are commonly based in Guangdong, China.

Spun Yarns
Importing Spun Yarns from China

China spun yarns suppliers are most in Guangdong. Whether you need small or larger orders, whether you need it for business or personal uses, you can guarantee the quality and service of China manufacturer and suppliers. Importing from China can give you a lot of benefits. They provide fast shipping process for your urgent orders and provide all the information for fast and safe importing products.

Woolen Yarns
Importing Woolen Yarns from China

Woolen is a soft, short-staple, carded wool yarn typically used for knitting. In traditional weaving, the woolen weft yarn is frequently combined with a worsted warp yarn for strength on the loom. Woolen yarn suppliers in China mostly in Guangdong, Shandong, and Jiangsu province. These manufacturers provide a wide range of woolen yarns at a very affordable price.

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Importing Yarns from China

Whether you are currently importing yarns from China or this is your first time, and looking for reliable yarn companies to deal with

This guide is right for you.

It has all the info on how to find a highly reputable Chinese supplier for your yarn business.

Keep on reading.

The Resource To Import Yarns From China:

Supplier and manufacturer of yarns

Best 30 Yarns Manufacturers in China

1 Zhuji Datang QuanJun Textile Factory

Zhuji Datang QuanJun Textile Factory can export yarns in bulk offering a lot of benefits in Japan, UZ, France, America, and many more places. The customer first is the principles that the manufacturer adheres. Quality first is also one of the principles that manufacturers provide for customer’s satisfaction. This company has 2600 square meters factory area with a highly skilled team.

2 Fujian Wocas Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

You can find a great variety of yarns offering rates at a very affordable. This company ensures the customer’s satisfaction that helps save’s effort and money as well. In this industry, they are one of the manufacturers that develop sincerely. They support LC, T/T payments including Small amount, and PayPal.

3 Jiangxi Longtai New Material Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Longtai New Material Co., Ltd was established in 1999 with a 15000 square meter plant area. AS ISO 9001 certified they ensure to develop quality products and ensure to produce excellent yarn quality. They freely exported all the manufactured products.


This company is located in Foshan. They have a total of 15 production lines occupied 18,000 square meters plant area. You can trust the quality yarn products since their team from engineering, designs, and packaging ensure to make it perfect since they passed the standards in manufacturing. They will satisfy you if you need an urgent process.

5 Zhejiang Saurer New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Saurer New Material Technology Co., Ltd builds a convenient factory in China at Changan Town Zhejiang province. They welcome OEM and ODM customers. They have 7 production lines and 1 R&D staff, and 2 foreign trading staff. They export yarns 50% since they established ensuring safety packaging. Ensure in finding manufacturers.

6 Dongyang Huanqiu Metallic Yarn Factory

If you are finding a manufacturer, Bansar can suggest Dongyan Huanqi Metallic Yarn Factory as your leading manufacturer. They have 68 employees since they were founded in 2002 and occupied about 6700 square meters that ensure a comfortable facility. As they adhere to principles, they provide quality first, outstanding product quality, and many more.

7 Dongyang Tailian Arts and Crafts Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Tailian is founded in 2006 but has originated since 1988. They have 74 staff from every designated area that passed all the training. This company occupied about 13mu plant area that ensures to provide convenient manufacturing. They also assure a complete machine for making great yarns. You can send an inquiry.

8 Hangzhou Bolige Fiber Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Bolige Fiber Co., Ltd was founded manufacturing polyester yarns which passed the QC test. They have 40 people since they established and now develop manufacturing and services offered. This company can lead you to great business success and help the safer exportation since they owned the exportation license. This company ensures stable performance.


Jiangsu Jinmao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is founded in 2011having 2 foreign trading staff, 6 production lines, and 8 R&D staff. This company is located in Dangyang City in China at Jiangsu Province near Shanghai port. You can get your ideal yarn orders from colors, materials, and so on. If you need a tour, this company will welcome and ensure to schedule your visit.

10 Shanghai Wyatt New Materials Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Wyatt New Material Co., Ltd is one of the largest yarn manufacturers in China producing and making different types of yarns overseas. They manufacture yarns of great quality that uses qualified materials. Select their products and you can benefit from their superior services. They can cooperate well and welcome all the factory visitors.

11 Hubei Xusheng Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer of yarn in China, well Hubei Xusheng Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. is your best manufacturer of spun polyester yarn. They are located in the famous town for polyester yarn, Hanchuan City. This company has trained and talented staff and the latest technology in textile production.

12 Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd has years of experience in manufacturing chemical fiber in China. Their main products are easy to dye cationic yarn, low meling yarn, and may more. Their company makes famous due to their excellent quality control and new product development. Their main equipment is from Japan and Germany.


In 2008, Zhuji zhongxin chemical fiber Co., Ltd. was established. They are a direct-manufactory of doing spandex covered yarn, rubber yarn, and so on. They have 5 sets of DTY machines, 6 sets of a nylon copy machine, and more. For your inquiry, kindly message them.

14 Wuhan Headway Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Headway Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. focused on the production of all types of yarn. Over 72,000 square meters of their production area and has about 800 workers. Their factory is located in Guangshui, Hubei. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do message them.

15 Xuzhou Seagor Import and Export Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Xuzhou Seagor Import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded. They manufactured cotton yarn, viscose yarn, recycled yarn, and so on. They provide exceptional quality and customer service at the lowest cost. They have a professional yarn team with experience of over 16 years. If you want to have the highest quality standards yet affordable yarn, they are your best solution.

16 Dongyang Jing Ri Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.

For over 15 years of experience in the metallic yarn industry, Dongyang Jing Ri Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale supplier of metallic yarn and more. Their company has over 500 workers. They become a strong metallic enterprise with the effort of their whole staff. For your inquiry, please contact them.

17 Qingdao Guanyingqi Industrial Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for a manufacturer of textile yarn in China, well Qingdao Guanyingqi Industrial Co., Ltd. can supply spandex yarn, cotton yarn, polyester yarn, spandex yarn, and many more. Their people have rich experienced and technology. To make more perfect products and meet the various customer’s demand, they have the latest technology from abroad.


In 2007, ZHUJI RUNZE CHEMICAL FIBER CO., LTD. was founded. It is a manufacturer of rubber yarn, spandex cover yarn, polyester cotton yarn, and so on. Their plant area covers 1907 square meters and 25 employees. They assure you to provide you the quality and customer service.

19 Cangnan Kangda Textile Co., ltd.

Since the year 2011, Cangnan Kangda Textile Co., Ltd focused on manufacturing polyester blended yarns, recycled cotton yarn, different color yarn, and so on. They are equipped with the latest facilities to ensure good quality products and competitive costs to all their clients. Over 40 countries and regions, they established business relationships with wholesalers and importers.

20 Jiangyin Aobo Textile Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Aobo Textile Co., Ltd. is located at Jiangyin city Jiangsu province China which takes 30 minutes to Wuxi airport and 1.5 hours to Shanghai. They manufacture feather yarn, fancy yarn, imitated mink yarn, and so on. They have 300 sets of the newest crochet machines. This company guaranteed the quality and make customer’s satisfied.

21 Jiangyin Loyal Yarns Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin Loyal Yarns Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focused on making yarn more special and attractive. They offer fresh yarn design, pretty yarn colors, and first-class quality control and guarantee a stable production and supply. Their products are sold worldwide. Message them now.

22 Dongyang Meitian Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a professional metallic yarn manufacturer, well Dongyang Meitian Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd. is your best metallic yarn manufacturer since they have rich experience in this field. Through their superior quality control and well-equipped facilities, they guarantee full customer satisfaction. Quality first and service first are their priority.

23 Suzhou Chunsheng Environmental Protection Fiber Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Chunsheng Environmental Protection Fiber Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focused on functional yarns and recycled polyester yarns. Their yarn products can be customized base on customer’s requirement. Expect perfect quality and more tender service from them.

24 Suzhou Yu Nian Shui Fiber Technology Limited Company

Suzhou Yu Nian Shui Fiber Technology Limited Company is a professional manufacturer of fiber with years’ experience. They focused on high-performance polyester and fiber yarn businesses. They trade equipment modification, production technology, and so on.

25 Zhuji Zhoutai Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Zhuji Zhuotai Import and Export Co., Ltd. had over 15 years of experience focusing on all types of yarn products in China. They have a complete set of the latest product testing equipment and a professional technical team to assure their products meet the client’s satisfaction. Expect a high-quality, fair price, and efficient service.

26 Wenzhou Walker Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Walker Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is an international yarn manufacturer that takes pride in their service, quality, and customers. This company is an eco-friendly business that manufactures recycled yarn. If you have any special requests, they can accommodate it.

27 Vekstar Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for the biggest and professional manufacturer of varied types of yarns, Vekstar Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is your best manufacturer in which they can produce polyester yarns, nylon (PA 6 & PA 66) yarns and fibers, and many more. Due to their quality products, they obtain great popularity in local and foreign markets.

28 Shaoxing Guozhou Textile New Material Co., Ltd.

In 2012, Shaoxing Guozhou Textile New Material Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a manufacturer of dyed yarn in China. They have 137 employees. This company obtains a GRS certificate. If you want to order, kindly message them.


Since the year 2008, HANGZHOU FINE DREAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional special yarn manufacturer for many years. They have the latest production equipment imported from Japan and Germany. This company collaborates closely with famous international brands and retailers to make unique design products to meet various customer’s demands.

30 Hangzhou United Textile Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

In 2006, Hangzhou United Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd was founded. It is located in convenient for shipment and land, Jingjiang Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China. They manufactured polyester yarn, cotton yarn, and so on. Expect excellent quality, high tensile strength, low price, wide variety, and complete color yarns.

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