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Yiwu Agent in China
Artificial Flower and Plants
Importing Artificial Flower and Plants from Yiwu

All kind of artificial flower and plants you can see and buy from Yiwu market. If you want to import artificial flower and plants for wedding flower, for wedding decorations, and many more Yiwu market is the best place for you, it offers wholesale in various commodities.

Auto Part and Accessories
Importing Auto Part and Accessories from Yiwu

Are you looking for auto part and accessories in China, Zhejiang is the right place for you. Yiwu market is located in Zhejiang province where the biggest commodity market in the world is found in that place.

Importing Clothing from Yiwu

All kinds of clothing and garments you can see and buy from Yiwu clothing wholesale market. If you want cheaper clothes for your apparel business you can import Yiwu, you can guarantee that their commodities are high quality with very affordable price.

Baby Shoes
Importing Baby Shoes from Yiwu

Have you ever experienced wholesale shopping in Yiwu? If your answer is not yet, then you can make your next souring plan in Yiwu. Wholesale shopping in Yiwu is a really wonderful experience. You will find how convenient it is. The Yiwu market is the biggest market making Yiwu well known for its commodity trade.

Importing Cosmetics from Yiwu

Yiwu wholesale market China owns the biggest wholesale market in the world. If seeking supplier is your priority then Yiwu market is the answer, you find different types of cheaper commodities to help you supply and support you cosmetic business.

Craft and Decoration
Importing Craft and Decoration from Yiwu

Yiwu wholesale market China is very big, and every day it is crowded with many purchasers from the world. If you’re looking for various types of craft and decoration for your business, then, you can import from China, they are the biggest producers of craft and decoration around the world.

Importing Electronics from Yiwu

The electronic market is one of the most famous market of the international commodity trade city. Many businessmen come to Yiwu market to purchase because the reputation of the Yiwu market. The electronics market has got the reputation of low price and high-quality products; now this reputation is going to be heard by the world. If you want to import choose Yiwu.

Importing Furniture from Yiwu

Yiwu furniture market is more and more noticed by foreign customers, for its nice shopping environment, considerate after-sale, rich furniture products, and reasonable marketing concept. If you want to import high-class types of furniture with a very affordable price you can go to China particularly in Yiwu.

Hardware tool
Importing Hardware tool from Yiwu

If you are looking for hardware tools Yiwu is the right place. They have the tools you need for your hardware and for your projects. Yiwu carry so many tools and different tools for any types of project. They have a knowledgeable staff that is always willing to help.

Home Supplies
Importing Home Supplies from Yiwu

Are you an importer of household products and looking for a cheaper price in every household items? You can get everything that you need in Yiwu Chinese market, excellent ideas for you importing business. All their small commodities are very affordable for your business.

Importing Jewelry from Yiwu

If you own a jewelry shop or want to open a business and planning to go to Yiwu market to purchase a product but suddenly you don’t know what and where to go, I suggest find a professional Yiwu agent with more experienced with a certain type of products, that means they are more familiar with the suppliers. Also, to help you purchase, sourcing, shipping and much more from Yiwu market.

Leather Goods
Importing Leather Goods from Yiwu

Hard to find looking for a high quality of leather goods to supply and support your business? You can ask for a Yiwu Agent who are expert in the Yiwu market. Many businessmen recommended Yiwu market because of their wholesale products for you to gain discounts on every item. Not just the price but also they supply a different variety of leather goods like bags, backpacks, beach bags, lady bags or briefcase, and you can find lots of leather good products in Yiwu that are best for your business.

Medical Products
Importing Medical Products from Yiwu

Yiwu market is the biggest market in Yiwu China. China has a lot of supplier of different types of medical products. If you are planning on importing from China to supply the demand of your business Yiwu market located in Zhejiang province has a lot suppliers that may supply various products that may need for your business

Rain Gear
Importing Rain Gear from Yiwu

Want to stay dry with motorcycle rain gear? You can all have it if importing is your plan. Then go to Yiwu market they have all types of rain gear that you’re looking for such as rain jacket, and pants, rain suits and many more. If you are not familiar in China find for an agent to help you the whole process.

Importing Shoes from Yiwu

Shoes are an item of footwear that are intended to protect the human foot while doing various activities. If you want to know where you can import top graded shoes fro your footwear business, Yiwu market is the best place. They have a huge selection of trendy shoes with different styles and brands.

Socks and Stockings
Importing Socks and Stockings from Yiwu

If you need a good agent that you can use to help you import different products, negotiate on prices if you need to and advise on shipping different items into a 20ft container, Bansar can recommend professional Yiwu agent.

Stationery and Office Supplies
Importing Stationery and Office Supplies from Yiwu

Are you seeking for stationery and office supplies factories? China has a lot of manufacturers and suppliers of all types of stationery that you’re looking for. One of them is Yiwu, its actually a huge production base for a wide range of merchandise. Yiwu has the lowest prices and lower quantity products. If you want to go to this place you will see nonstop factories when you drive through this region.

Importing Textile from Yiwu

Looking for different textile that may be used for your apparel business? In China, a lot of textile factories may found in Zhejiang province in China. If you’re importing textile from China, Yiwu is the best place for you.

Importing Toys from Yiwu

Toys is an item used in play and playing toys can be enjoyable for young children. A lot of toys manufacturers in China offers a great selection of games and toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. You can import your favorite toy brands in China for your toy business.

Importing Bags from Yiwu

If you’re planning on importing bags from China especially in Yiwu market but yet you don’t know any agent. Bansar can recommend a professional and experienced agent to help you guide the whole process. If its your first time to import bags from China don’t hesitate to go to Yiwu market to import different bags that you need for your business.

Importing Barbie from Yiwu

Barbie is a fashion doll used to play by girls. Discover the best selection of Barbie items at the Yiwu market. Import now in China to get the best barbie dolls for your personal collection or even for your business. You can guarantee that all suppliers in China manufactures various types of barbies for your awesome business.

Importing Beddings from Yiwu

Boots is a type of footwear that mainly cover the foot and ankle. Are you looking for a reliable supplier of boots for your business? China has a lot of manufacturer of boots particular in Zhejiang province and also in Yiwu. If you are asking where particularly in Yiwu I suggest go for Yiwu market for you to see

Importing Boots from Yiwu

Boots is a type of footwear that mainly cover the foot and ankle. Are you looking for a reliable supplier of boots for your footwear business? China has a lot of manufacturer of boots particularly in Zhejiang province an also in Yiwu.

Importing Bottles from Yiwu

If your business using bottles, manufacturers in China offers the highest quality glass bottles at a very affordable price. Many factories in China manufactures all types of bottles that are made from glass, plastic, aluminum and comes in a large selection of sizes, shapes, and color. You can choose any of this for your business.

Importing Bracelet from Yiwu

Bracelet is an article of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. If you are seeking for bracelet supplier for your business, Guangdong and Zhejiang province where most of the bracelet manufacturers are located. If import is your plan then this place is best for you.

Importing Canopy from Yiwu

If the canopy is what you need, China is the right place for all types of high quality of canopy for your running business. Many businessmen import different small commodities in Yiwu market because of its affordable price. All suppliers of various products are found in one place.

Importing Chairs from China

Are you needing a chair for your chair rental business or any other business that may chairs? In China, you can find a reliable manufacturer of different types of chairs from wooden to metal chairs, from vintage to modern chairs depending on your preferred requirements are found in China. If you want to import chairs, China is the right place.

Importing Clocks from China

Looking for a reliable supplier of clocks that keep time in style? You can only found that in China, it has hundreds of thousands of clock factories in China, especially in Guangdong China. If you are planning on importing clocks from China, you know where to go.

Importing Fireworks from Yiwu

Today, fireworks mark celebrations all over the world. From ancient China to the new world, fireworks have evolved considerably. If you’re looking for fireworks, Yiwu market provides the widest range of fireworks in all categories. If you want fireworks from China, Yiwu market has many suppliers.

Importing Fork from Yiwu

Find your ideal fork from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying different types of fork brands. They manufactured high quality of fork to meet the exact needs of your request. Manufacturers and factories of fork are commonly found in Guangdong province.

Importing Hairpin from Yiwu

If you are looking for affordable hairpin but yet high quality, manufacturers in China supplying the best one. If you are planning to import from China, then you’ve made the right decision. Bansar can recommend a reliable supplier for your business.

Importing Invitations from Yiwu

Looking for beautiful invitations? A lot of manufacturers in China create stunning invitations for weddings, birthdays, and any other parties. If your importing invitation is your first choice, Guangdong province is the recommended place for you.

Importing Jeans from Yiwu

Yiwu markets is a responsible and trustworthy supplier for men and women’s jeans. We are delighted to introduce Yiwu as a supplier of jeans. If you are importer jeans just come Yiwu market. They are the best choice.

Importing Knife from Yiwu

Yiwu market is the place to find all kinds of knife. They have a lot of stainless steel knife. They give the best prices. Yiwu is very qualified as a knife supplier and manufacturer. Always choose Yiwu market for your knife supplier. Yiwu has the ability to provide good quality of a knife.

Importing Lingerie from Yiwu

In China, particularly in Yiwu market is well known as the leading lingerie wholesaler supplies. Yiwu used common materials to produce lingerie include lace, spandex, polyester, and cotton. Yiwu contributes for your day and night in sleek style with a great selection of lingerie.

Importing Magnet from Yiwu

Looking for the best manufacturer for magnets? Yiwu market is the best solution they manufactured of a variety of magnets. And also provide magnetic conveyor systems for a wide variety of industries. Yiwu is one of the professional markets in China. You can easily find there the quality magnets.

Paper Napkin
Importing Paper Napkin from Yiwu

Paper napkin could be used anywhere. It keeps your hand or anything dry and clean now and then. Yiwu markets import quality paper napkin from China. Discover and shop paper napkin at Yiwu markets. They have a large variety of napkins.

Pet Supplies
Importing Pet Supplies from Yiwu

Yiwu market is the best answer for pet lovers. Yiwu has the capacity to provide your pets needed and also has the capacity to maintain the good health of your pets and for your customer’s pet. If you are looking for pets supplier you can ask in Yiwu markets.

Importing Pillows from Yiwu

Is it difficult to find a trusted pillow supplier? Yiwu market is the biggest and popular market in China. Yiwu can provide pillow with softable and comfortable. Yiwu can help your business grow and they can give good partnership.

Plastic Basin
Importing Plastic Basin from Yiwu

In Yiwu, they offer a plastic basin with high quality. Yiwu is the leading plastic basin supplier. Explore Yiwu for their high-grade plastic basin they can give you satisfying service. In Yiwu, you can ensure the best kind of plastic basin. Yiwu has the ability to supply plastic basin for your business.

Importing Plates from Yiwu

Do you need help to be able to find a good quality plate? In China, if you’re looking of an agent they always willing to help their customers to find the best place for plates supplier. In short the solution for your plates problem, they can provide plates that not easy to break.

Importing Sandals from Yiwu

If you are finding the best supplier for sandals, you come to the very right place. Yiwu gives you the most comfortable and flexible sandals and other footwear. There are good suppliers in China and they custom for men and women’s sandals.

Importing Scarf from Yiwu

The scarf is worn around the neck for warmth, cleanliness, and fashion. Yiwu can be made in a variety of different materials, such as wool, linen or cotton. Yiwu market consists of leading scarf manufacturer in China. They have advanced technology in the production of the scarf and good scarf manufacturer.

Importing Shirts from Yiwu

Looking for shirts at an affordable price? You certainly need to be careful while choosing a supplier for your shirts. We recommend Yiwu for your business as the best supplier. They have enough knowledge and experience to fill orders of any size and a growing list of satisfied costumers.

Shower Gel
Importing Shower Gel from Yiwu

The shower gel is very useful for cleaning the body during showers. Instead, it uses synthetic detergents derived from either petroleum or plant resources. Supplier in China deals shower gel from seller and dealers. You can get shower gel in Zhejiang with good quality.

Skirts 1
Importing Skirts from Yiwu

Are you looking for sexiest and formal skirts? Factories of skirts in China can provide a skirt that fit for you and for your buyers. They made skirts of different sizes, designs, and colors. Yiwu is the best choice for skirts, explore and discover high-quality skirts.

Importing Souvenir from Yiwu

Souvenir is something to buy or to keep that help you to remember a special holiday, a special event or to remember a special person. If you are planning to import a souvenir for your business China has a leading manufacturer for different kinds of souvenir, and we assure that you will never repent.

Toilet Brush
Importing Toilet Brush from Yiwu

Are you needing a toilet brush with satisfying services? Manufacturers in China has one of the best toilet brush holders. They have a lot of toilet brushes available. They can also help you to find the toilet brushes you needed. So what are you waiting for? Come to China particularly in Yiwu market and choose the toilet brush you want.

Importing Toothpaste from Yiwu

Did you love your teeth? Well, you deserve to have a toothpaste that truly protects your teeth. In Yiwu, they have a lot of toothpaste factories producing all kinds of toothpaste that can give the best result for your teeth. So choose Yiwu market as a supplier for your toothpaste and for your customers. It made for your unique oral care needs.

Importing Towel from Yiwu

The towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper us for drying or wiping a body or a surface. It draws moisture through direct contact, often using a blotting or a rubbing motion. Yiwu market you can trust and assure that you can get the best quality towels because they are made by microfiber technology.

Importing Umbrella from Yiwu

Umbrella is very useful to avoid getting sick from the rainy weather or sunlight. If you are looking for the best protection against rain and the sunlight Yiwu can give you the best umbrella they made different color, design with you can buy an umbrella with an afordable price.

Importing Underwear from Yiwu

Underwear is worn for a variety of reason. It keeps outer garments from being soiled by perspiration, urine, semen, menstrual blood and feces. Wearing underwear reduces your risk of getting crotch rot. Yiwu market is the best supplier for men and women’s underwear.

Importing Watch from Yiwu

Watches can provide simplicity and powered by ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that predates electricity. If you are wearing a watch it has a positive effect on your attitude towards time. You can find in suppliers in China particularly in Yiwu for the best and fit watches for your business.

Water Pipe
Importing Water Pipe from Yiwu

The water pipe is a pipe or a tube, frequently made of plastic or metal. Water pipes are used for plumbing that used for any apparatuses to convey fluids. A lot of leading manufacturer is located in Yiwu China that gives with low prices, high-quality water pipes and has many years of experience as a manufacturer.

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Yiwu Agent: The Definitive FAQ Guide

If importing products from China is your concerns but you don’t know where to start in finding an agent to guide and help you the entire process,

Then, this guide is right for you.

It contains a lot of helpful information in getting a Yiwu agent down to shipping to importing your goods.

Keep reading.

Why Do You Need a Yiwu Agent?

When sourcing from Yiwu, you’ll need the help of a good Yiwu agent for the following reasons:

  • A majority of suppliers in Yiwu are not conversant in English. If you’re not familiar with the Chinese language, you will have a tough time communicating with them.

A Yiwu agent, in this case, can act as a go-between for you and suppliers.

  • Many of the sellers in Yiwu don’t accept payments made using internationally accepted methods.

They prefer methods that are commonly used in China.

You can send money to the Yiwu agent using PayPal, or any other method, and he/she will make payment to the supplier using Chinese bank transfer.

It can also work out to be very costly for you.

A trustworthy and well-connected Yiwu agent is generally able to command a good discount on shipping charges from the most reliable companies.

  • Some Yiwu agents will offer you the service of locating specific products that you might otherwise need to spend a lot of time on.

This is generally a paid service, but you will save a lot of time if an agent can find out where Yiwu sellers offering niche products are.

In a nutshell, a Yiwu agent takes away all the burden and hassles associated with importing from Yiwu.

The agent will make the process of procuring and shipping goods from Yiwu highly efficient and effortless.

No matter if it’s your first time importing goods from Yiwu or you are a regular importer of products: the services of a Yiwu agent are indispensable if you want the process to be quick, and hassle-free.

What Services Do Yiwu Agents Offer?

As you’ve noted above, Yiwu agents offer a variety of services.

YiWu agent helping in buying and translation

Yiwu agent helping in buying and translation

These services include;

  • Helping you to source products according to your needs.
  • Consolidating products procured from various suppliers
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Shipping and logistics services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Language translation to help you communicate with wholesalers
  • Packaging and loading
  • Insurance acquisition
  • Warehousing your products before shipping

How Much is Yiwu Sourcing Agent Commission?

The commission rate for Yiwu sourcing agents varies considerably.

That is, from agent to agent and even from person to person within the same agent.

Nonetheless, you will be attracted to agents claiming to charge a 1%-3% commission rate.

Or even 0%, which is often too good to be true.

My advice, in this case, is to avoid such agents and not be misled.

Usually, this is often a marketing strategy that they use to attract clients and then pile on them so many hidden charges.

Unfortunately, there is no set standard rate in Yiwu for agent commission.

In this case, I would recommend that you go for agents offering a more reasonable and reliable rate that’s between 5%-10%.

This might seem high to some of you, but trust me, it will save you lots of headaches and risks that’ll be telling you about shortly.

Is Yiwu Futian Market Different from Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu futian market

Yiwu Futian market

Yes, Futian is just the other name of Yiwu wholesale market.

It is called Futian market because its exact location in Yiwu is Futian.

Other people like to call it Yiwu international trade city, and it is the leading wholesale market complex in Yiwu.

There are several other large wholesale markets in Yiwu, including the Huangyuan market for clothing, furniture, capital goods, etc.

Do Yiwu Agent Offer Quality Inspection Services?


Aspects of quality control

Aspects of Quality control

A Yiwu agent can help you check the quality of goods through scheduled inspections and QC tests.

They will even send you a report with pictures of the inspection and tests.

This way, you can ascertain that items are in good condition before shipping.

You can learn more from my guide on Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China.

Can Yiwu Agents Do Factory and Supplier Verification?

Sure, they can!

But there are so many Yiwu agents offering factory/supplier verification services.

Meaning, you need to be specific with the type of agent that you need.

As one, you can opt for agents who specialize in auditing and quality controlling.

These could be a quality control company or a third party quality control agent.

You can hire one of these to help you with factory verification and product quality control.

In this case, you ought to find the supplier yourself and negotiate with them on the terms and timings of the audit.

Using a specialized quality control agent will require that you handle all process by yourself.

You’ll also need to pay a service fee for this, not a commission.

Factory inspection

Factory Inspection

The second option is to use your sourcing agent.

Here, the agent won’t just find you a reliable factory/supplier; but also help you with factory/supplier verification.

In this case, they will visit the factory/supplier in Yiwu, inspect the facility and verify license and certifications.

They will also observe production and check quality management system.

Doing these will enable the agent to provide an independent evaluation and assurance of the supplier’s credibility and capability.

Can Yiwu Agent Repack Products?

A good/reliable Yiwu agent can help you solve a variety of packing needs, such as repacking and labeling.

You’ll need to provide clear and comprehensive packaging instructions for them to follow and adhere to.

The instructions should specify the packaging material, design, and quantity.

Don’t forget to include requirements for labeling and marking.

Are There Risks Dealing With Yiwu Agent?

Agents are middlemen that can provide various services, but it is always a risk to use any middle man.

The main risk associated with dealing with Yiwu agents is the possibility of getting low-quality products.

And this takes us back to the issue of hiring low-commission agents.

You see, such agents have ways of making up for the lost service fees and commissions.

For instance, the agent will often force your supplier to cut the agreed price.

In this case, the supplier will cut the price and in turn, give you inferior quality products to maximize their profit.

At times, the agent may change the supplier you chose for a cheaper one to benefit from it.

For you, the cheaper supplier may not deliver the same quality that your chosen supplier would have.

Other risks include;

  • Products getting lost or damaged during shipping
  • the goods that are shipped to you may not be what you ordered
  • your product design can be copied
  • Delayed delivery

If you’re intent on importing from Yiwu cost efficiently, you might want to curb these risks by:

  • Hiring a trustworthy and reliable sourcing agent
  • Conducting factory/supplier audit
  • Sign a clear contract

How is Yiwu Wholesale Market Different from Canton Fair?

Sellers in Yiwu market are spread out across different towns and locations.

The market is also permanent, accessible, and opens all year round except during public holidays.

The Canton fair, on the other hand, is an annual event where suppliers showcase their products under one roof.

At the canton fair, suppliers tend to have huge MOQ requirements, usually 10,000 units per item.

This might be unattainable for first-time and small-volume importers.

In Yiwu, you can order/buy as little as ten units per product.

When is the Best Time to Visit Yiwu Wholesale Market?

As I’ve said in question 8 above, Yiwu wholesale market is open and accessible all year round.

Meaning you can practically visit the market at anytime of the year.

Convenience nonetheless will depend on several factors such as weather, holding exhibitions, season, etc.

For instance, if you want to import seasonal products like Christmas decorations, you’d better visit the market before July.

After July, you may not be able to get manufacturing slots or the type and quality of products that you want.

Also, you might want to avoid going to Yiwu during the holiday season, especially when it’s just before or after the Chinese holiday.


Chinese are very loyal to these holidays.

A lot of them close/half-close shops and factories until a few days after the holidays are over.

Shops closed during Chinese New Year

Shops closed during Chinese New Year

March-June and September-October are practically the best times to visit Yiwu.

April, May, and October are also great times of the year to visit Yiwu as you’ll be able to attend the Canton and HK trade fairs.

What is the Advantage of Yiwu market?

Yiwu offers you the advantage of price.

That is, you get high-quality prices at unbelievably low prices.

There is also the advantage of variety where you can get practically any commodity you want in the market.

With Yiwu, you also get the chance to attend big exhibitions like the Canton fair, Yiwu fair, and HK fair.

Here, you’re able to interact and connect with suppliers dealing in various niche products.

And last but not least, you don’t have to worry over MOQ demands when importing from Yiwu.

Suppliers in this market allow you to fulfill your quantity demands without overstretching your pockets.

Basically, the MOQ requirements in Yiwu are pretty flexible.

You can source as little as I carton per product to as much as 10,000 units per product.

How Can You Find a Reliable/Trustworthy Yiwu Agent?

When searching for a Yiwu agent, you are looking for someone with an online presence and legit reviews.

You also need someone with an actual office just in case they disappear; you’ll have somewhere to look for them.

The agent you choose should be worth every penny you pay.

He/she should be professional, polite, and organized.

They should provide you with a clear, and concise contract that’s legally binding to both parties.

Searching for Yiwu agent online

Searching Yiwu agent online

Searching the internet can help you to list some agents that provide reliable trade services in Yiwu.

From which, you will need to dig more to see if they are reliable and efficient.

For this, you can:

  • Verify their experience based on how many years they have been in business. The establishing date and status of the company are enough details to verify this.
  • Ask for licenses and certifications
  • Check bank information which should list the correct agent/company name and address. They should be using a trusted bank.
  • Ask for some client and project references
  • Request for report samples or any paperwork to verify professionalism.
  • Check if they are transparent on their commission. What does their service package include and how far does it go?

When finding an agent to work with, remember to search according to your needs.

And know that ultimately, time and test are what will tell you if the agent you’re choosing is good enough.

Where is Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu wholesale market is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang province in China.

It is located to the east of the CBD and approximately 280 km southwest of Shanghai.

Usually, there are no direct international flights to Yiwu.

Your options to getting here are to take a flight to Shanghai, and then connect via train or bus to Yiwu market.

You can also connect from Guangzhou to Yiwu quite easily, although this journey may be longer.

If you get to the city by airplane, getting to the market from the airport may take about 25 minutes.

From the bus station, it’ll only take 7 minutes’ drive to get to the market and 24 minutes from the Yiwu train station.

Does Yiwu Has Online Market Place?


You can buy products from Yiwu sellers via the market’s official website,

Yiwugo homepage

Yiwugo Homepage

While the marketplace makes shopping in Yiwu easier, it has a downside.

That is, sellers, don’t usually update their products often, so you might not find the latest products on this site.

But for the sake of convenience, you can search the site for similar products and try to customize your own.

Better yet, search for your product, view its suppliers, note their booth number, and visit them directly at the market.

As you do this, keep in mind that Yiwugo is the only Yiwu online market place.

So don’t fall for any other sites that claim to be the official Yiwu marketplaces.

What is Yiwu Famous For?

Yiwu is most famous for its small commodity wholesale market, which ranks as the largest wholesale market in the world.

The market occupies an area of about 4.3 million square meters with over 80,000 booths inside.

Thousands of suppliers exhibit over 400,000 different kinds of products in over 2000 product categories.

So because of the wholesale market, Yiwu is popularly known in the trading world as China commodity city (CCC).

What are the Yiwu Market Open Hours?

Yiwu sellers open shops from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm almost every day.

Working days and hours may tend to change during public holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

During this period, some shop may open half a day while some don’t open at all until after the holidays.

How Do You Make Payments in Yiwu Market?

Payment methods

Payment methods

The most common payment method in Yiwu market is direct wire transfer.

Cash payment is also viable for stock orders that you pay directly to the seller in the market.

You should, however, never agree to pay cash for bulk orders unless you trust the supplier/agent 100%.

This also applies to transfer funds to private bank accounts.

My recommendation is that you only pay to business bank accounts whose details match those of the seller.

This is very important as it increases the chances of recourse in case of a dispute.

For agents, some may accept PayPal payments, which make everything much safer.

If you’re lucky, you can also pay via credit card transfer or cash.

That is if you have mutual trust with the agent.

Remember, payments to suppliers should only be made after verification of product quality and quantity.

For large volume orders, Yiwu suppliers tend to ask for a down payment.

In this case, let them provide samples for you to verify first.

Then, you can pay the deposit once you’ve checked the product quality and are satisfied.

Are Prices in Yiwu market Same as Factory Price?

A majority of booths in Yiwu market are owned and operated by individual businesses.

However, a number of them are also owned by factories in the region.

What am I trying to say?

Prices in Yiwu are significantly lower than in most places in China.

And yes, they might even be lower than factory price as MOQ does not determine this.

Remember that factories tend to base their prices on the MOQ.

If you order much, the price is lower.

If you order less, the price is higher.

This makes Yiwu the best place to shop in small volume as in most cases; you’ll find products at lower prices than what factories offer.

Can You Tell Me About Yiwu Market Product Distribution?

The greatest advantage of the Yiwu market is that it is well organized.

Unlike most wholesale markets, Yiwu divides itself into five different districts according to their category of products.

This makes it easy to navigate the market and even shop for your preferred products without wasting time.

Map of Yiwu market

Map of Yiwu market

The division is as follows:

District 1

F1- Artificial flowers and accessories, Toys

F2 – Hair Ornament and Jewelry

F3 –Festival and decorative arts

District 2

F1 – rainwear, umbrellas, packing bags, suitcases and bags

F2 – Electric and hardware products, fittings and vehicle tools

F3 – Home appliances, fittings, and telecommunication equipment, clocks and watches, shavers

F4 – Factory outlets, hardware, and electric appliances, luggage bags

District 3

F1 – Glasses, pens, Ink and paper articles

F2- Office Supplies and stationery, sports products

F3 – Cosmetics and cosmetic accessories, clothing accessories

F4 – Sports products, luggage bags, clocks and watches, clothing accessories

District 4

F1 – Socks

F2- Daily consumables, hat, and gloves

F3 – Towel, wool, yarn, necktie, lace sewing thread and tapes

F4 – Scarf, belt, bra, and underwear

District 5

F1 – Imported products, African products, jewelry, arts and crafts, photo frames, consumer goods, and foods

F2 – beddings

F3- Towel, knitting raw materials, fabrics, and curtains

F4 – Automotive accessories

As you can see, it is essential to know what you’re looking for to make shopping in Yiwu efficient and hassle-free.

Each of the districts as named sells different products which even then, are on different floors.

So you should be prepared to walk at least 15km a day just in buildings alone to get what and all that you want.

With the Yiwu Market Guide, How Can You Get Around Yiwu Wholesale Market?

As I mentioned earlier, there usually are no direct international flights to Yiwu.

To get here, you have to connect from one of the neighboring cities, i.e., Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou.

Luckily, there are so many means of transport to get you to Yiwu.

First, you can board a plane from any of the cities above to Yiwu.

Or, you can go by the high-speed train.

Train transportation can get you to Yiwu conveniently and cheaply.

There is also traveling by bus, which is also quite flexible.

Navigating in and around Yiwu is much easy as the place is relatively small.

You can board a bus at Yiwu BRT or take any of the numerous taxis around.


Yiwu BRT

Can Yiwu Agent Help You Negotiate Prices in Yiwu Market?

Of course!

A sourcing agent with your best interests at heart can help you secure better deals in Yiwu.

I am talking of interests because some agents don’t always work in the interest of the client.

A lot of them will find you a supplier that they are in business with.

They will then offer you quotes with hidden charges in as much as you’re also paying a commission on the side.

Some will also encourage you to take the first a quote a supplier gives then, later on, go back to negotiate and keep the perks.

But if you get a good agent with quality connections in Yiwu, it is easier for them to negotiate prices on your behalf.

Are There Public Support Facilities Near YiwuMarket?

Yes, there are quite several support facilities in and near Yiwu market.

These include;

  • ATMs and currency transfer facilities which are closely and strategically located at the entrance of the market.
  • Bus rapid transfer for a fast and easier commute
  • Restaurants and hotels that you can book online or not. Within the districts, there are also several restaurants that you can pop in for a quick lunch or refreshment.

Note that these restaurants cater to importers from all walks of life.

Cuisines range from Chinese, Italian, French, Indian, Korean, to Muslim, etc.

Who are the top and reliable Yiwu agents?

Top and reliable Yiwu agents are;

  • Leeline sourcing
  • EJET solutions
  • A good Yiwu agent
  • Yiwu Hopeful

How Do You Import from Yiwu Market?

Importing from Yiwu market is very simple more so when using a Yiwu agent.

All that’s needed is to source your product and pay for it.

Then your agent, through their quality control team, will make sure the quality standards are met.

Once the goods are ready to ship, the agent will help you organize their exportation from Yiwu to your destination.

You can ask them to ship via sea for bulky goods or by air if shipping light and small volume goods.

Express shipping is also an option you can explore as well as rail freight if you’re from a country along the “Yixinou Railway. “

YIXINOU railway route

YIXINOU railway route

Once the goods reach your country, the agent can also help you with all the customs formalities and documentation-making everything simple and straightforward.

Will Yiwu Agent Facilitate Shipping from China?


Upon request, a Yiwu agent can act as a dedicated freight forwarding and logistics Agent.

The agent will organize shipping of your goods from the supplier’s door to your destination, no matter the distance.

He/she will follow up on every step of the shipment.

That is whether it is packing, loading, air/sea/road/rail freight, and warehousing or customs clearance.

How Can You Find a Translator in Yiwu Market?

There are many translation service providers in Yiwu.

I can’t recommend any particular one, but I can assure you that hiring a professional translator is always a better choice.

This is because you can’t rely on machine translations for critical communication and transactions.

If you must, search engines like Google or Bing can help translate documents that are not that important.

Otherwise, use your favorite search engine to search for a professional human translator in Yiwu.

LinkedIn is also an excellent place to find professional translators in Yiwu, although most of these are freelancers.

Meaning, you have to do due diligence, ensuring that the person you hire has the right certifications and experience.

Better yet, you can post your search request on, which is the leading online classifieds and listings platform in China.

It’s pretty much like craigslist of America if you know what I mean.

So if you opt for, make sure that you restrict your search to Yiwu translators.

If that doesn’t work or satisfy you, then try posting your need on Quora or, the Chinese version of Quora.

I hope this helps!

If you have any more questions? Post below, and we will revert as soon as possible.

Best 20 Yiwu Agent for Your Sourcing from China

1 Sourcing Wise 

Sourcing wise is a very professional sourcing agent in China, they are very professional in sourcing, factory audit, product inspection, customs clearance, etc. If you need to find a reliable sourcing agent for your business, then sourcing wise is your first choice.

2 SisterSourcing

If you are looking for a Yiwu agent when you purchase from China,  SisterSourcing is the best agent in China that provides professional services including. You will be satisfied if you choose SisterSourcing.

3 Trendimius

Trendimius is a local, Yiwu based sourcing agent company. They are in business for over 8 years and provide a wide range of agent sourcing services. They are a reliable company and you can have a look at the website, to get a better idea of their prices as well. Their services range from finding the right product, bargaining prices, quality inspections to arranging the shipping of products to your country.

4 JingSourcing

JingSourcing is another Chinese agent sourcing service. They are providing a wide range of services ranging from shipping to packaging, finding the right products, and bargaining. They cover the needs of all Chinese markets. You can consider them if you want the process to be smoother and efficient for you.

5 Amanda Intl Group

Amanda Intl Group is deemed as a top Yiwu market sourcing agent. They are locally located in Yiwu and operate from there. Amanda Intl Group is covering a vast range of services to have your products sourced from the Yiwu market. If you are looking for a Yiwu agent, they can be a good choice for you.

6 Union Service

Union Service is one of the Chinese sourcing agents that are providing the services for importers to buy products. They have fast methods due to their partners. Union Service provides all the sourcing services you might need. They have a number of partners that make the buying process smoother. This also ensures, you only buy top quality products.

7 Meeno Group  

Meeno Group is a small Chinese based sourcing company that services across the world. They have a limited capacity for products and can help you source these products. They support small quantities and do not have warehousing services. Meeno Group is the best choice if you are looking for the best Yiwu agent.

8 Golden shiny

Golden shiny is a professional sourcing agent in Yiwu wholesale market and Keqiao textile market, China. Ther provide a one-stop sourcing service to help customers source a variety of different products. Their one-stop sourcing service is to provide excellent supply chain services to global customers.

9 Sourcinglite

Sourcinglite is a small-scale operation. They are operating locally in Yiwu and support low quantity orders. If you want to buy products in small quantities, you can get in touch to get a quote for them. Sourcinglite provides personalized services from arranging your accommodation and helping you make purchase decisions.

10 My Sourcify

My Sourcify is one of the most premium sourcing companies in China. They offer a vast range of services and provide optimal support. My Sourcify is a professional and reliable Yiwu agent. You can rely on their services. My Sourcify is the right yiwu agent for you to handle your needs.

11 Goodcan Trading

Goodcan Trading is a locally based company that supports Yiwu and Guangzhou markets. They are the right choice for you if you want to order from Yiwu markets. Goodcan trading provides a complete range of sourcing services. You can rely on them from bargaining prices to finding the right products, quality inspections, and shipping options.

12 Supplyia

At Supplyia, they will help you find factories, get excellent rates, ensure premium quality, and deliver products safely. With the best China sourcing agent on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service. You can enjoy the benefits working with Supplyia .

13 TonySourcing

TonySourcing supplies all kinds of Toys & Gift items for global buyers. They are located in Yiwu & Shantou China. They have more than 10 years experience on toys and till now have helped over 200 customers from 40 different countries

14  Link Yiwu

As an independent third-party service provider, they specialize in responsibly managing supermarket supply chains of consumer goods. They are committed to achieving the highest standards when meeting the needs of their customers.


  Yiwu HOPEFUL IMP & EXP CO., LTD is a professional export agent based in  China’s largest commodity trade and distribution center- in Yiwu. They are engaged in Yiwu agent, Yiwu export agent, Yiwu buying agent. And engaged in a series of export services.

16 Yiwu Eternal Praise Supply Chain Management

 Yiwu Eternal Praise Supply Chain Management is the one of the biggest and professional trading companies for import and export business in Yiwu City where is the famous Small Commodities Center in China. If you are seeking importer, exporter, products purchasing, agent or distribution, they will save you time.

17 Sellers Union

Sellers Union is Yiwu’s Largest Import Export Agent with over 1200 staff, established in 1997.  They are the  best China buying agent with 23 years experience that provides one-stop service, help you import from China easier and faster.

18 EJET Sourcing

As the leading sourcing agent in Yiwu, EJET Sourcing offers a one-stop solution to help you handle all aspects of sourcing products in Yiwu. EJET can act as your supplier and chain manager by supervising a large number of factories and assisting in product design, raw material source, and production process planning. 

19 Yiwu Market Guide

Yiwu Market Guide is one of the other Chinese agent sourcing services located in Yiwu city. The company is providing a wide range of solutions and services that start from sourcing products and Arranging the quality control to the shipping process.

20 YaChina

As an agent at Yiwu, YaChina helps your business to succeed whether you need help for sourcing products, shipment planning, or remote office support. The company was established in the year 2000 allowing it to gain more experience in this field like other companies in the city.

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