Yiwu Market Guide

Yiwu Market Guide: The Ultimate Guide

Yiwu is the largest trading city in the world for different types of small commodities.

Every year, more than half a million foreign traders come to Yiwu to source various small commodities.

In this definitive guide, you’ll learn various aspects of the Yiwu market for wholesale.

You’ll also know a step by step process on best ways to navigate this market and ultimately get the best out of your visit.

Where is Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu market is located in Yiwu City, a central part of the larger Zhejiang Province, China.

This business center evolved from a small agricultural town to become the largest city built on markets and small commodity businesses.

Yiwu market is surrounded by some of the major cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou.

These neighboring cities are also essential when it comes to supplying goods to Yiwu wholesale markets.

The prime setting of Yiwu market plays an integral role in its continuous growth and development over the years.

Its central location makes it an ideal distribution source for different types of products used in Zhejiang province daily.

 YiWu Market Map

YiWu Market Map

 Aerial view of YiWu Market

Aerial view of Yiwu Market

How to get to the Yiwu market

You can quickly get to the Yiwu market irrespective of the part of the world you are coming from to source for products.

Ostensibly, the Yiwu market is accessible from different directions since it offers an array of convenient transportation options.

Here are some of the ways you use to can access the Yiwu market from the major cities in China;

· Getting to Yiwu Market from Shanghai

You can use four means of transport to get to the Yiwu market if you are coming from Shanghai.

The fastest mode of transport, in this case, would be using a train, which takes approximately 2 ¼ hours.

You can as well choose to use buses, which are regarded to be a relatively economical option.

However, buses take about four hours to get to Yiwu from Shanghai.

Another option you can choose is boarding a taxi.

Taxis are quite a several in this route and take around three hours.

Finally, you can opt for a self-drive by hiring a car, which also takes approximately three hours to get to Yiwu.

 YiWu from Shanghai

Yiwu from Shanghai

· Getting to Yiwu from Beijing

Since Beijing is the Chinese capital city, there’s a likelihood of making it your first choice when traveling to China.

You can get to Yiwu from Beijing by any of the following options, depending on your choice;

  • You can take a flight, which often takes approximately 4 ½ hours, quite faster but relatively expensive.
  • You can opt to take a train, which takes around 6 ¾ hours but still save some considerable fortune.
  • Also, you may decide to hire a taxi or self-drive car for a journey, which takes about 14 hours.

 YiWu from Baijing

YiWu from Beijing

· Getting to Yiwu from Guangzhou

Ideally, Guangzhou is relatively far from Yiwu city.

Thus if you’re not on a tight budget, it advisable to simply take a flight.

Most domestic flights take around 4 ¾ hours, and the price range from $100 to $200.

However, if you are working on a tight budget, you may opt for other alternatives such as train, bus, and self-drive.

YiWu from Guangzhou

YiWu from Guangzhou

· Getting to Yiwu from Shenzhen

Traveling from Shenzhen to Yiwu presents an array of options.

You can take a flight at a cost ranging from $100 – $200 for a 4 ¾ hours trip.

If you’re on a budget, you can perhaps consider other cheaper alternatives such as bus, self-drive, and train.

The duration for these options are 21 hours, 12 hours, and 8 hours respectively.

YiWu Wholesale market from shenzhen

YiWu Whole market from Shenzhen

· Getting to Yiwu from Ningbo

Ningbo is relatively close to Yiwu; thus, the ideal mode of transport, in this case, is using a train.

A train takes about 1 ¾ hour and is fairly cheap, often ranging from $20-$35.

You may as well choose to board a bus, which costs $9 and takes about 4hours.

If you choose self-drive or hire a taxi, you’ll take approximately 2hours from Ningbo to Yiwu.

Moreover, whichever option you choose to use to get to Yiwu, the distance from such facilities to the actual Yiwu market is usually short.

It’s about 10 km from Yiwu train station to the Yiwu market, a 20-minute drive.

From Yiwu airport to Yiwu market, the distance is about 11.4 km, a 25-minute drive.

The distance from Yiwu market to Yiwu bust station is 1.5 km, a 7-minute drive.

 YiWu wholesale Market from Ningbo

YiWu Wholesale Market from Ningbo

The Best Time to Visit Yiwu Market

There is a need to carry out thorough background research before visiting Yiwu for business purposes.

Of course, the market is opened every day throughout the year.

However, there are specific times when your visit allows you to get the best deals ever.

During trade fairs would be the most appropriate time to visit Yiwu.

In essence, it becomes easy for you to get better deals and also create rapport with several suppliers and manufacturers.

Weather patterns and annual holidays in China are also a vital consideration when planning to visit Yiwu.

Essentially, the ideal time to consider visiting this market would be between March and June and between September and December.

While at it, you also need to determine the number of days you’ll spend sourcing for products in Yiwu.

This way, you can figure out the best seasons when perhaps hotels and accommodation are relatively affordable.

And this makes economic sense, especially if you’re going to spend more time in Yiwu of at least 7 days.

The Best Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

Ideally, Yiwu market is a general term.

Typically, this market is regarded as Yiwu International Trade Mart.

In many cases, it is referred to as the Futian Market.

In other words, Yiwu market is a cluster or market.

Technically, the entire Yiwu city serves for market trade.

That’s the reason you can see there are numerous booths along the streets full of products for wholesale.

These numerous sub-markets in Yiwu wholesale market are often categorized based on products sold.

The wholesale markets in Yiwu include the following;

i. Futian Market

This wholesale market is located in District 1.

It is the largest and most famous wholesale market in Yiwu.

Several products such as toys, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, belts, and scarfs are available in wholesale.

This market has over 50,000 booths across all five Districts.

Futian is also famous for artificial flowers as well as small home appliances.

It opens from 8 am to 5 am.

ii. Yiwu Material Market

This market has become a large-scale center for sourcing building and decoration materials.

It is also synonymous with ceramics products, stones, and aluminum.

Yiwu material market has over 350 booths.

iii. Digital Market

The digital market in Yiwu is the largest place for sourcing cell phones, computers, LEDs, and a variety of tech equipment.

In most instances, businesses in the digital market tend to focus on retail for individual usage rather than a wholesale business.

It is located in Binwang Road and always open from 8 am to 5 pm.

iv. International Production Material Market

This market concentrates on production and selling a wide range of production materials.

Such materials include glass, woodwork, ceramics, and equipment you can use to produce raw materials and machinery.

It also serves as the center for lighting products as well as leather items.

The market is located along Chouzhou North Rd. and always open from 8 am to 5 pm.

v. Communication Market

Most of the available products here include networking devices, cameras, walkie-talkies, radios, cellphones, and cables.

Anything you might require to sort your communication needs can be sourced from this particular market.

It is located in Binwang Rd and opens between 8 am and 5 pm.

vi. Zhejiang Timber Market

This market is synonymous with the largest and highest grade of timber and related accessories.

It is also the best place to source a wide range of building materials, including wood for flooring and other infrastructure.

It is located along Huancheng W Rd and also opens between 8 am and 5 pm.

vii. Yiwu Furniture Market

This is the only professional market approved by the government in Yiwu City, where you can source all types of furniture products.

Yiwu furniture market has modern infrastructure and regarded as the largest single scale market in the entire Zhejiang province.

It is located in the central parts of West Yiwu City along Xincheng Rd.

 viii. Huangyuan Clothing Market

Huangyuan is regarded as the largest professional market located in the middle zone of Zhejiang province.

It complements selling wholesale and retail business for clothing and garments.

This market is located at the intersection of Huangyuan road and Jiangbin middle road.

Types of products you can buy in Yiwu Market

Ostensibly, it would be relatively difficult to explain all the types of products you can source from Yiwu Market.

In this market, you can find over 400,000 types of different products.

We cannot exhaust all the products in writing.

This merely means you can get most types of products you can imagine, if not all.

The products are numerous and available in various categories.

Some of the common item categories include the following;

Inside YiWu Market

Inside YiWu Market

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Hardware and tools
  • Fashion accessories
  • Packing materials
  • Apparel, shoes, and parts
  • Pet supplies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Homeware and decoration
  • Sports and outdoor
  • Toys
  • Health and beauty products
  • Auto and motorcycle accessories
  • School and office supplies
  • Apparel, shoes, and parts

Advantages of Shopping Products from Yiwu Market

Sourcing products from Yiwu wholesale markets, whether for commercial or domestic purposes, presents a lot of benefits.

With the right information, you will always get the best deals ever when shopping from this particular world’s largest small commodities market.

Some of the obvious advantages include the following;

1) Availability of a Variety of Products

With over 400,000 thousand types of products, you can be certain of getting any variety of the item you’re looking for.

This is fundamentals, especially for commercial purposes, since you’ll need to get a wide variety to choose from.

In essence, it allows you to get specific products, which meet your particular demands.

2) There is No Sales-pressure

Typically, whenever you are sourcing products from wholesale markets, you are bound to give in to pressure from various quarters.

At times this can lead you to make wrong decisions as far as purchasing the products is concerned.

However, the good thing about shopping from Yiwu Market is that you are hardly subjected to such sales pressure.

You have the liberty to make an independent choice based on your specific demands.

And the reason here is always as a result of a variety of options all-round.

Ultimately, you make end up making a sound decision and leave the market with a satisfied conscience.

3) High Level of Convenience

Generally, Yiwu wholesale market is perfectly structured, of course, to meet international requirements.

As such, the structures are put in place accordingly to enhance mobility and other related elements.

Suppliers have reasonable lead-time for obtaining products.

The stocks are always available and ready-to-ship irrespective of the quantity you may need.

This is convenient and cost-effective since you’ll be able to save on a considerable amount of money and time.

4) Flexible MOQ

When shopping for small commodities from Yiwu wholesale market, the MOQ should be the least of your worries.

Many suppliers here offer different types of products without necessarily minding about the MOQ.

Some suppliers can get you even a single piece of the specific product you are looking for.

Moreover, you can always negotiate with the supplier on a reasonable MOQ, especially when sourcing assorted products.

In essence, it allows you to obtain commodities even when you are working on a budget.

5) Affordability

In Yiwu market, one element you can be guaranteed of is obtaining goods at relatively affordable rates.

The products are usually available at discounted rates, which is something you can rarely find in other markets around.

There are several options where you can find similar products at relatively cheap rates irrespective of the MOQ.

Moreover, the products are as well of good quality, making the undertaking worth it.

6) Operational Throughout

Yiwu Wholesale Market is hardly closed down on weekends or holidays.

Most stalls here operate every day of the year, mostly from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The only time the market is closed is during the Chinese New Year, which is often about two weeks.

In essence, this gives you the liberty to plan on flexible dates where you can conveniently visit and source products.

7) Easy Accessibility

You can get to the Yiwu market via different means of transport from anywhere in the world.

This makes it easy for you to get to the market and source for your products conveniently.

There is also a BRT bus, which moves visitors to different districts of the market at fast speeds regardless of traffic.

Moreover, Yiwu city has a host of hotels, which offer accommodation services.

It makes it easy for you to find comfort as you continue sourcing for different small commodities irrespective of your stay.

8) Security

At Yiwu market, there are hardly incidences of insecurity.

This means you can comfortably go around with your business without worries about your safety.

In essence, this gives you peace of mind while sourcing products.

And this is vital when shopping for different products in different sub-market within Yiwu wholesale market and city in general.

Categories of Yiwu market

As far as organization and planning are concerned, there is no other market globally, which matches the Yiwu wholes market.

Yiwu International Trade City is innovatively organized and regarded as one of the most advanced in the world.

Since the market is relatively vast, it is divided into regions based on the category of products.

And this is to make it easy for you to get access to the market and source your respective products accordingly.

YiWu Trade City Districts

Yi Wu Trade City

· District 1 of Yiwu Wholesale Market

This region consists of a 4-story building erected in October 2001 but started the operations a year later.

It occupies an area of approximately 34,000 square meters and about 11,000 trading booths.

Different categories of products are stocked on various floors for easy accessibility.

At least 70% of the products in this district are purposed for export.

Additionally, this district consists of vending machines, financial institutions, and various multinational serving restaurants.

FloorProduct Categories
1Toys;  Artificial flowers; Ornaments; Flower accessories
2Jewelry;  Ornaments; Hair accessories,
3Ceramic and crystal; Tourism craft;  festival craft; Ornament accessories; Decorative crafts; Picture frames
4Taiwan Mall ( Craft, Flower, Ornament) Factory Outlets (Toys, Flower, Ornaments)

District 2 of Yiwu Wholesale Market

This is a 5-story building officially opened in October 2004.

It occupies 600,000 square meters and has over 10,000 trading booths.

All the shops from 1st to 3rd floor in District 2 are cubed.

Like District 1, this region also has various service facilities such as banks, restaurants, and telecommunication firms.

FloorProduct Categories
1Suitcases; Bags; Raincoats; Umbrellas
2Electrical Accessories; Locks; Hardware tools & Fittings; Vehicles
3Kitchen & Sanitary Products; Clocks &Watches; Small home appliances; Telecommunication products; Shavers; Flashlights; Batteries; Lamps
4Electronics; Suitcase & bags; Hardware & Electric Appliances; Clocks & Watches; Factory Outlets ( Hong Kong Mall, Korean Mall, Anhui Mall, Sichuan Mall)
5Featured products; Export agencies

District 3 of Yiwu Wholesale Market

This district is a 5-story building covering about 460,000 square meters with more than 7,000 stalls.

Various products are put on different floors of this building as illustrated in the table below;

FloorProduct Categories
1Pen; Paper; Ink; Eyeglasses
2Stationery; Office products; Outdoor products; Cultural & Sports products
3Beauty products; Cosmetics; Zipper outlets; Garment accessories; Button; Cosmetic accessories
4Beauty outlets; Cosmetic outlets; Apparel accessories outlets; Cultural and Sports outlets

District 4 of Yiwu Wholesale Market

This is the sixth generation market of Yiwu commodity city regarded as the strongest and arguably best-bred district

It started operating in October 2008 and occupies an area of 1,080 000 square meters.

District 4 consists of more than 19,000 trading booths, mainly selling textile and related products.

FloorProduct Categories
1Stockings; Socks
2General merchandise; Consumables; hats; Gloves; Supermarket products; Earmuffs; Knitted products
3Shoes;  Sewing threads & Tapes; Towels, Yarns; Textile accessories; Buckles; Neckties
4Bras; Belts; Shawls; Scarves; Innerwear; Scarves

District 5 of Yiwu Wholesale Market

This is the latest district in the International Trade City.

It features a 5-story building and was officially opened in May 2011.

This district has over 7,000 shops covering a total area of 640,000 square meters.

Many of the products available in this district are imported.

Most of the stalls in this district are often open between 10 am and 4:430pm.

FloorProduct Categories
1Daily Consumables; Jewelry; Imported commodities; African products Exhibition center; Clothing; Food products; Health Care products; Handcrafts;
2Beddings; DIY products; Chinese knot
3Curtain materials, Needles, Knitted fabric; Knitted cloth;
4Auto accessories; Ceramics; Hotel supplies; Commodity distribution; Pet products; Motorcycle parts

How to Source products in Yiwu Market

Sourcing products in Yiwu wholesale market can be an uphill task, especially if you are a newbie.

With over 75,000 trading booths available in the market, it can be difficult to find exactly what you need.

Nevertheless, there are several ways you can use to source items in this vast market;

· Going Alone

In this case, you’ll need to physically visit the different booths as you search for the specific products you need.

It is an ideal method, especially if you are an experienced buyer or familiar with the market.

· Hiring a Translator

This method is always effective where there is a communication challenge when it comes to sourcing of the commodities.

Technically, it is more of going alone but seeking assistance from translators to make the sourcing process effective.

· Using a Sourcing Agent

You may choose to seek services of a sourcing agent when purchasing products from Yiwu wholesale market.

This technique is regarded as the most effective, convenient, and relatively cost-effective.

Most of these agents here are experienced and understand various booths to obtain specific products, which meet your demands easily.

· Using e-commerce Platforms

Most of the Yiwu wholesale markets have partnered with different types of e-commerce websites.

Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, E-bay are among the common online platforms you can use for sourcing products from the Yiwu market.

It is also a convenient and cost-effective approach to undertake, especially if you have knowledge and experience.

How to Deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers

Yiwu market has thousands of suppliers. Dealing with such a multitude of people requires meticulousness and comprehension of prevailing factors.

The specific ways of dealing with Yiwu market suppliers are quite broad and entail the following aspects;

1. Finding the Right Supplier

A fundamental aspect when sourcing commodities from Yiwu wholesale market is making sure you get the right suppliers.

This is one way of guaranteeing best results and overall experience in this entire undertaking.

There are several options you may explore when it comes to finding the right supplier.

Never limit yourself to a specific supplier; instead, check all available options and deal with the right one.

Also, there are no fixed prices for products in this market.

Always endeavor to bargain strike a beneficial bargain guaranteeing you profits when you resell the items.

Ostensibly, suppliers of similar product categories are usually stationed within the same area.

In case you’re visiting the market in person, never miss the instructions signs and maps at every entrance.

It thus becomes easy to find suppliers you need through instructions.

If you are unfamiliar with space, which can be apparent, you can seek assistance from a reputable agent.

Alternatively, you can download a navigation map on your mobile device.

It contains product distribution of the entire market hence making maneuvering through quite easily.

You can as well do an online search on the official website of Yiwu wholesale market called Yiwugo.

This platform allows you to locate the suppliers and products you need.

All the booths are numbered for easy and fast location.



2 Communicating with Suppliers

It is another aspect of dealing with Yiwu suppliers you ought to understand.

Most suppliers in Yiwu hardly communicate in English.

Even so, it never deters their enthusiasm for doing business.

They use simple numbers, use translation pens, and Basic English words.

You can point a product you see at the booth using your fingers.

The suppliers will show you the price in RMB; then, you convert to your currency.

It thus makes it easy for you to pay for your orders in cash, especially when you’re buying a small quantity.

If you need to know more details regarding manufacturing, customizing, or developing your products, find a translator or sourcing agent.

The essence of a translator, in this case, is to enhance communication between yourself and the supplier.

Other aspects, such as product inspection and delivery after purchase is not part of their task.

3. Price Negotiation

Yiwu International Trade City is synonymous with price negotiations.

However, you need to visit the market thoroughly and also talk to different suppliers.

This allows you to compare prices before you finally have an idea of a better supplier to buy from.

After comparing the rates vis-à-vis quality, it’s when you can comfortably engage a specific supplier and start negotiating price.

4. Payment

This is another fundamental element as far as dealing with Yiwu market suppliers is concerned.

Ideally, most vendors here deal with a local currency known as RMB.

In essence, they deal with small commodities, which makes sense.

Therefore, you’ll need to have enough local currency for paying your purchase.

In Yiwu wholesale market, suppliers rarely accept foreign currencies.

Luckily, there are numerous banks and foreign exchange point in Yiwu where you can get local currency.

If you’re making large quantity orders, suppliers will often need you to pay a certain amount in form of a deposit.

You can then settle the balance right before shipment of the consignment to the respective warehouse.

Cash payments are always acceptable and often come with better discounts.

Therefore, if you never mind carrying a lot of cash with, you can explore this option.

5. About Quality

At times, the products you receive are what you see in the market.

However, quality problems are always bound to arise from time to time.

Quality issues are never a concern if you are buying on-site or awaiting delivery in your hotel room.

If you have time, always consider picking up the items yourself in the warehouse.

This way, it becomes easy to identify any possible quality issues such as wrong package, insufficient quantity, wrong color, damaged products, etc.

Moreover, you can choose to consider the following elements when it comes to quality of products;

a) Go for Suppliers with Specialized Product Categories

Suppliers with specialized categories tend to offer better quality than general product suppliers.

Specialized category suppliers are also professional and more familiar with the products.

This is contrary to various categories of suppliers.

b) Verify Product Quality

Always purpose to confirm the quality of the product you’re purchasing.

Never assume that once you place your order based on sample products, the quality is guaranteed.

You can task a sourcing agent with this role if you are not within or ordering online.

How to Find and Deal with Yiwu Market Agents

Yiwu wholesale market has tens of thousands of agents.

And given the excellent services they offer in product sourcing, you may wonder the ideal way of getting a reliable one.

If you’re abroad, it is advisable to find a YiWu sourcing agent before visiting the market.

However, if you are already in Yiwu, the easiest way to find a sourcing agent is by searching online.

A simple Google search would suffice.

Moreover, there are several advertisements for sourcing agents in different areas within Yiwu City.

For instance, you can find some ads at the airport, train station, bus station, as well as some hotel entrances.

In such instances, you need to pick a few and research their whereabouts online.

A few tips to guide you in finding a reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced sourcing agents include the following;

· Send an Inquiry Request

The response you get upon sending an inquiry to the potential agent determines professionalism and experience.

This way, you can choose to sort out the sieve the ones you need and leave the rest.

· Pay the Agents a Visit

It is necessary to consider visiting the offices of the potential agents you are courting.

Check their business licenses and other relevant certifications.

Don’t trust online information too much since some are mere crooks who are taking advantage of unsuspecting clients.

Physical visit also makes it easy to know where to find them in case an issue arises.

· Give them a Try

This merely involves engaging them to take you through the actual process.

Let them take you for a tour as you gauge whether or not they are suitable for your needs.

It becomes easier to gather more information on how they conduct their trade.

However, if you are a customer from Africa or Middle-East, you can deal with people who import directly from Yiwu.

They communicate in your local language and also fully understand the situation of China in your native country.

There is a myriad of services you can get when you choose to work with a sourcing agent in Yiwu wholesale market.

Some of these services include the following;

  • Yiwu market guide/sourcing
  • Order tracking
  • Documentation of shipment and customs
  • Product quality inspection
  • Warehousing services
  • Product labeling and repacking
  • Product development
  • Hotel reservation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Amazon FBA logistics

How to Ship Products from Yiwu Market to your Country

After purchasing items from Yiwu market, the next step is finding out how to ship them to your country.

You need to find the most reliable means of shipping the products to the destination country.

In Yiwu, shipping services are convenient.

Data indicates more than 219 countries have been trading in Yiwu wholesale market.

Moreover, Yiwu is a city with exceptionally developed transportation and logistics networks.

Thus you have many shipping options to consider to transport your shipments to your country.

When shipping products from Yiwu market, you may choose to either use an agent or do it yourself.

Here are the common methods you can use for shipping products from Yiwu wholesale market;

1. Express Delivery

Express shipping

Express shipping

This is the fastest means of shipping available.

It is an ideal option you can consider when there is limited time.

You may also explore express shipping when transporting a few items or perishable goods.

The cost of express delivery is relatively high compared to other means of package shipping.

Of course, different companies offering this service often charge varied rates.

But it is always important to inquire about any additional charges in the destination country.

2. Airfreight

It refers to use of cargo planes to ship your products to the respective destination country.

This shipping option is relatively fast than other freight shipping options.

However, it is somewhat expensive hence suitable for transporting a lightweight shipment.

It is safe and also a convenient shipping option.

China southern airline

China Southern Airline

3. Sea Freight

This is the best option when it comes to shipping large volume consignment.

It is comparatively slow and can take up to 60 days before getting to your destination country.

Thus it is suitable when shipping products in bulk where urgency is not a concern.

The other good thing with sea freight is that it is quite affordable, especially for large volumes over long distances.



4. Rail Freight

You may also consider rail freight, especially if you are importing to a country along Yixinou railway line.

This railway line is part of the larger Silk Road Network.

It starts at Yiwu and passes through Kazakhstan all through to Madrid, Spain.

Rail freight is also affordable and relatively fast than sea freight.

It is ideal for bulk shipment and can take up to 30 days, depending on your destination country.

Rail freight is also convenient, safe comparatively cost-effective.

How to Buy Items from Yiwu Market Online

Sometimes it can be inconvenient to visit Yiwu wholesale market every time you want to source products.

Also, you may only need to buy a few items.

And it wouldn’t make economic sense to travel to Yiwu to obtain the products.

Therefore, online purchasing remains the best option in such instances.

Yiwu market is online.


There is an official website for Yiwu International Trade Mart referred to as Yiwugo.com



On this website, you can find a host of suppliers selling different products online.

On this platform, you can search and filter for suppliers, products, and shipping methods, which suit your demands.

It is easy to navigate through the website since it is translated into English and other major foreign languages.

Therefore, you can place your order and pay as you await the fulfillment process right from your home or office.

Additionally, you can buy items from Yiwu market through other major eCommerce websites.

Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, and E-bay are among the leading eCommerce websites you may choose to use in purchasing Yiwu products online.

Most Yiwu market suppliers have seller accounts on different eCommerce platforms.

Therefore, it becomes easy search and filters the specific suppliers and products you need to buy.

Online shopping of products from the Yiwu market is secure.

All reputable suppliers are verified hence reducing cases of scam.

The Famous Trade Fairs in Yiwu you should visit

There are a host of trade fairs often held in Yiwu during different seasons.

The Yiwu Trade Fair is often considered a mini Canton.

The Yiwu Exhibition and the Canton Fair often happen almost immediately after one another.

The popular trade fairs in Yiwu include the following;

  • China Art & Frame Expo
  • The Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair
  • China Auto & Motorcycle Parts Exhibition
  • Belt & Road Initiative Glasses and Eye Care Products Fair
  • China Yiwu International Manufacturing Equipment Expo
  • Belt & Road Yiwu Sports Industry Exhibition
  • China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

Restaurants and Hotels near Yiwu Market

Yiwu is a vibrant city, and the wholesale market currently receives more than 40,000 visitors per day.

Most of these visitors spend a day or more in Yiwu hence the need for hotels and restaurants for food and accommodation services.

There are several hotels around that cater for every person irrespective of your budget.

You can also find different restaurants serving various types of cuisines, both local and foreign.

Along the street from District 1-5, you’ll find uncountable restaurants.

Some of the popular restaurants within Yiwu include the following;

· Java

This is a multinational chain of restaurants specializing in serving any type of coffee you’d want.

Java also serves pizza and a wide range of fast foods.

It is located at No. 320 along Chengbei Road.


It is one of the restaurants highly regarded with many foreign visitors coming to Yiwu.

Sultan specializes in serving various dishes, including Turkish, Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly meals.

It is located 475, 477, Chou Zhou Beilu in Yiwu.

· Man Ho

This restaurant specializes in serving Chinese food only.

It is the best place to try out Chinese cuisine if you’re around Yiwu wholesale market.

It is located at No. 188 Futian Road, Yiwu.

There are also other multinational fast-food chains such as KFC and McDonalds, among others.

Ideally, you can hardly run short of options.

When it comes to hotels, you can as well find many different options.

These hotels come in different standards, of course, to cater for a variety of people with different classes and budget.

Some of the popular hotels around the market that you may consider include the following;

· Best Western Premier Ocean

It is one of the oldest hotels in Yiwu, which boasts of friendly multilingual staff.

This hotel offers several amenities, including parking, free internet, breakfast, shuttle transportation service, and a swimming pool.

If you travel with your infant, there are also babysitting services.

It is located at No. 99 Futian Rd, Yiwu.

· Yiwu Marriot Hotel

This is a 4-star hotel offering affordable accommodation services.

It is located along Futian Road at No. 188 and boasts of several amenities.

Some of these facilities include a pool, laundry services, fitness center, free Wi-Fi, and non-smoking rooms, among others.

Yiwu Marriot hotel also has several multilingual staff making the entire staying an exciting experience.

· Ejon Chain Impression Hotel

This hotel offers free parking, Wi-Fi, dry cleaning, breakfast, and room service among others.

It is located at No. 797 Chouzhou North Rd in Yiwu.

· Shangri-La Hotel

It is one of the hotels owned by a massive hotel chain.

Shangri-La is relatively expensive but offers more luxurious facilities.

It has many facilities, including Wi-Fi, a Fitness center, swimming pool, Spa, bar lounge, and non-smoking rooms.

Shangri-La also offers free parking, banquet room, laundry service, concierge, AC rooms, multilingual rooms, and conference facilities.

When in Yiwu, you can search for a wide range of hotels online.

You can as well decide to make your reservations online in advance.

This way, you’ll get the best rates and better rooms and services.

Public Support Facilities near Yiwu Market

Around Yiwu wholesale market, you can find a wide range of public support amenities.

The essence is to increase convenience and efficiency for conducting business within this marketplace.

Some of the common public support facilities include the following;

· ATMs and Currency Transfers

Most local banks have set up their respective ATMs on the first floor of the market building.

Furthermore, most banks are about 500m away from the ATMs.

There is also a myriad of currency transfer windows in Yiwu market.

This makes it easy for you to exchange your foreign currencies, given most sellers prefer RMB.

· BRT Built

The BRT bus was commissioned in 2017.

It is relatively fast and hence allows you and other visitors to easily navigate through different districts of the market.

This takes a short period irrespective of traffic.

Therefore, you’ll spend less to move around this massive market without getting exhausted.

Important Things you must know about Yiwu Wholesale Market

When you are upbeat about sourcing your products from Yiwu market, you need to have some vital information at hand.

Eventually, such details are what enable you to get better deals and have a positive experience from your trip.

Some of the essential elements you ought to about this market include the following;

 Inside YiWu teddy bear market

YiWu Teddy Bear Wholesale Market

· Not all Booths are Run by Manufacturers

Yiwu market consists of several sellers, re-sellers, Trading Companies, manufacturers, and distributors, all with stalls.

Therefore, you should never come to Yiwu market with the notion that every booth you’ll go to is owned and run by the manufacturer.

· Products in Yiwu Market are not of Poor Quality as Alleged

Apparently, many commentators on the internet space often allege that items sourced from Yiwu market are of poor quality.

In this market, there are over 75,000 trading booths, all selling over 400,000 different items.

Such a huge diversity presents different product types and quality standards as well.

At Yiwu market, you can source any quality of the commodity you are seeking, depending on your budget.

The market you want to resell the products to is another element determining the type of product quality you can buy from this market.

· Yiwu Market is Suitable for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

The truth is Yiwu is more favorable for sourcing products for relatively small businesses.

However, being the largest marketplace in the world for sourcing commodities makes it ideal for every size of business.

Some sellers in this market can easily customize, repackage, or rebrand products for you.

This allows you to resell them as yours.

Thus if you’re looking for a place to buy a few items or many containers, Yiwu market should be your best bet.

· MOQ and Stock

As you search for your ideal supplier, always find out whether they tag MOQ on their products.

Being a large wholesale market, most suppliers at Yiwu tend to have MOQ when purchasing with them

Also, find out if the supplier has enough stock depending on your needs.

Of course, not all sellers can fulfill your stock requirements, especially if you want to order large orders.

· Certificates

When buying from Yiwu, wholesalers always purpose to inquire from them if they can avail of relevant certificates where applicable.

In this case, you need to find out from the customs clearance about the specific certificates you’ll need.

Many suppliers can provide the certificate you may need, whereas others cannot.

Therefore, always inquire about it before purchasing.

· Catalog and Samples

Always make it a habit to visit more than one supplier and request catalogs and samples of the products.

In essence, this makes it possible for you to make right decision when sourcing for your products.

· Always Pay Attention to Scalpers in the Market

Scalpers are parties referring to themselves as manufacturers.

What they do is cornering unsuspecting buyers and introduce them to their goods.

Often, they pull you to the stalls and sell their items based on weight in the name of factory activities.

Additionally, they offer the products at cheaper rates making it difficult to resist.

However, once the deal is over is when you’ll notice they packed incorrect items you had never ordered.

And it is quite difficult to recover your money once paid since most of them often disappear.

Specialized Markets and Streets in YiWu

Yiwu specialized markets and streets are a unique feature and indispensable element of Yiwu wholesale market.

Here’s a summary of all the vital specialized markets you’re likely to find ideal when walking along the market streets;

1. Yiwu Yongkang Hardware Market

This is arguably, the largest hardware market in China, which covers an area of about one million square meters.

It is divided into two on-site; Jincheng Market and Jindu Market.

It also consists of an International Exhibition center and Shangwujin online market.

This special market operates about 19 different hardware and related products.

Jincheng MarketProduct Categories
District 1Tourism Products, Electric motorcar
District 2& 4Comprehensive Hardware products
District 3&7Hardware Products
District 5Security doors and accessories
District 6Electrical appliances, Bathroom; Kitchen; Plumbing products
Jindu MarketProduct Categories
Street 1Measuring equipment
Street 2& 3Mechanical & Electrical Hardware
Street 4Fasteners
Street 5Electric Tools & Accessories
Street 6Hardware products
Street 7Hardware Gift; Mechanical & Electrical Hardware
Street 8Electronic & Electrical Appliances; Wire & Electric Material
Street 9, 10 & 11Vehicles and accessories

2. Yiwu Huangyuan Garment Market

This market is located in one of the most bustling areas in Yiwu, known as Xiuhu Business Circle.

It is a type of marketplace orienting itself as a professional apparel market in line with the trending features on the international front.

This is vital since it creates a conducive environment for competition in the garment market.

FloorProduct Categories
1Trousers; Jeans
2Men’s wear
3Women’s wear
4Sportswear; Pajamas; Sweater
5Children’s wear
6South Korean Imported clothes

3. Yiwu Capital Goods Market

This market covers about 66,666 square meters and has over 350 trading booths and about 200 suppliers.

It is located in No. 199 Huancheng West Road, Yiwu.

Over the years, this market has developed into a large-scale market for building decoration materials.

It is also the leading source of ceramic, aluminum, and stone products in central Zhejiang.

Other common products here are;

  • Wallpaper & cabinets
  • Stainless steel
  • Jade & carvings
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Mosaics
  • Door & windows

4. Yiwu International Production Material Market

This market is about eight kilometers away from Yiwu Wholesale Market to the southwest of Yiwu airport.

It covers an area of about 750,000 square meters and has over 4,200 booths.

The occupancy rate of trading booths in this market is over 90%

FloorProduct Categories
1Logistics equipment; Industry electrical machine; Printing & Packaging machines; Artificial flower accessories; Industry electrical machine
2Printing & Packaging machine; Food processing machine; Injection machine; Engine & generating machine; Measuring tools & Knife
3Engineering light; Home-décor lights; Festival light; Lighting equipment; Delicate Home lightings

5. Yiwu Dongyang Redwood Furniture Market

This market specializes in mahogany furniture and was founded in 2008.

It covers a business area of 120,000 square meters.

It is in this market where you can find some of the renowned brands such as Annual Red, DuPont mahogany, CITIC mahogany.

This market stocks classic styles on the 1st floor and popular style on the 2nd floor.

The 3rd and 4th floor consists of exquisite styles and original styles, respectively.

6. Yiwu Furniture Market

This market is located in the central area of west Yiwu city.

It covers a total business area of about 160,000 and boasts as the only government-approved large-scale furniture market in Zhejiang province.

FloorProduct Categories
-1Ordinary office & civil furniture
1Hardware & glass furniture; Rattan Art crafts; Sofa
2Modern type and children suite
3Classical; Mahogany & Solid wood furniture; European style
4European style; Plate type; Rattan crafts; Hardware; Solid wood
5Solar energy; Outdoor home furnishing; Carpets; Wallpaper; Cabinet; Ceramics; Curtains; Bathroom facility

A summary of specialized streets and their respective product categories in Yiwu International Trade Mart include the following;

Specialized streetsProduct Categories
Clothing; Toys; Shoes; Stationery; Bags1.       Wuai Stock Street

–          Address: South of Wuai Road

2.       Meihu Stock Street

–          Address: North of Wuai Road

FurnitureZhanqian Furniture Street

–          Address: No.247, Chengzhong North Road

LeatherChengxin District 1

–          Address: Opposite Gate 67, Yiwu International Trade Mart/ Chengxin Avenue

Electro-mechanicalDatangxia Electro-mechanical Street

–          Address: Intersection of Xicheng North Road and Zongze Road

New Year Portraits, Calendars, Culture, giftsSunshine Community

–          Address: Intersection of Gongren North Road and Zongze Road

Bra & UnderwearChengxin District 2

–          Address: Intersection of Chengxin Road and Futian Road

ScarfFutian District 3 & 4

–          Address: Intersection of Yinhai Road and Gongren North Road

Ornaments and accessories1.       Jinfuyuan (Xingzhong Jewelry Street)

–          Address: Intersection of Chengbei Road and Chouzhou North Road

2.       Changchun Ornament Street 1-7

–          Address: Intersection of Mall Avenue and Gongren North Road

ZipperBingyang Zipper Street

–          Address: Intersection of Chouzhou Road, Bingwang Road, and Gongren Road

Cosmetics & beauty productsBinwang cosmetics street
– Address No.238, Binwang Road
EyeglassesHuangyuan eyeglasses street
Address No.190, Jiangbin Middle Road
Christmas goods1.       Christmas Street in Futian District 2

–          Address: Near No.882, Gongren North Road

2.       Christmas Gift Street

–          Address: No.601, Chouzhou North Road

How Prices in YiWu Market Compare to Factory Prices in China

The prices are different in Yiwu market and factories in China.

Even so, Yiwu wholesale market has many suppliers selling products at discounted rates when you buy in bulk.

This allows you to obtain the products at best possible rates to guarantee better returns upon reselling.

Moreover, there is always room for negotiation, which is vital in enabling you to get optimal products at optimal rates.

How to Get Best Prices for Product in YiWu Market

There are several tricks you can use to get best prices when sourcing products from Yiwu market.

For instance, make sure you visit different stalls within the market.

This way, you’ll compare prices hence giving you an edge when it comes to price negotiation.

Another trick is to buy in bulk. Often, sellers provide reasonable discounts on bulk purchases compared to small-purchases.

Where possible, involve a sourcing agent.

Most of these agents always deal with many clients at every specific time.

It thus becomes easy for them to obtain better rates since they have already established a good rapport with sellers.

Sourcing agents are also familiar with different corners of the market where they can get the types of products you’re seeking cheaply.

The other trick you can use is visiting Yiwu during low seasons.

During low seasons, sales are usually low; hence it becomes easy for you to get products at better discounts.

If possible, you can also shop for goods during trade fairs in Yiwu.

Most sellers always offer discounts of up to 50% on various products during such exhibition events.

Why the Product Prices in Yiwu Market are Cheap

Ideally, China has a mature supply chain, thus making it easy to produce a single product.

It is not a necessity to produce such parts or set up a mold factory.

A phone call is enough to make all the parts debugged into your factory.

This Chinese complete and mature industrial system, as well as supply and chain supporting it, makes production easy.

And this leads to competition hence cheap rates for many products.

Another thing is there is homogenous competition in the market.

In Yiwu wholesale market, you’ll find hundreds of suppliers selling a similar product.

In this case, the only way to compete is based on cost.

Of course, this is a good thing for buyers since you easily get a reasonable price without the worries of being pitted.

Another reason is that the labor cost for the production of different items is relatively low.

Most suppliers move their factories to remote cities in the Western parts of Yiwu, where labor and operational costs are lower.

Some even move their production in prisons in Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia.

Ultimately, it will make cost of production low resulting in cheaper rates of the same products.

How to Pay Suppliers in Yiwu Wholesale Market

Technically, Yiwu wholesale market is designed for sourcing different types of small commodities.

But when it comes to payment, most seller has a preference for cash. If you are a foreigner, it means you’ll have to exchange your currency into local currency known as RMB.

Even so, you can find a few suppliers here who accept bank cards but from Chinese banks only.

There are several ATMs and currency exchange booths in Yiwu wholesale market; hence this should never be a concern.

Alternatively, if you are buying a large quantity as a regular buyer, you can arrange with your seller and make a deposit.

Mostly, the suppliers always accept a 30% deposit in advance and the remaining 70% upon collecting the order.

It is also the same thing, which can apply when you are ordering online.

Cost of Yiwu Warehouse

 YiWu Warehouse

 YiWu Warehouse

The cost of Yiwu warehouse varies depending on a host of variables.

For example, the distance from the market determines the amount of money you’ll pay for obtaining the services.

Another variable is the total space your shipment is likely to cover in the warehouse.

The larger space, the higher the warehouse rates.

Also, the storage duration determines the overall amount of money you’ll have to pay for these services.

And most importantly is any additional services that you are likely to require other than storage.

This may include unloading, loading, re-packaging, labeling, and any other ancillary service, among others.

Nevertheless, you also need to know that finding the ideal warehouses in Yiwu can be problematic.

You can use several ways to find the appropriate one depending on your particular needs.

For instance, use a sourcing agent to look for a suitable warehouse.

You can also search online on various platforms such as Yiwugo.com and Google.

Additionally, you can seek assistance from your acquaintances to refer you to some of the suitable warehouses in Yiwu.

How YiWu Market Compare to Other China Wholesale Market

Shenzhen and Guangzhou are among the cities with major wholesale markets in China.

Both Shenzhen and Guangzhou are along the coast hence have seaports.

And this is essential since it gives the cities an added advantage in facilitating international business.

Most international companies have also set their procurement or branch offices in these major coastal cities.

However, Yiwu doesn’t have a port hence relies on Ningbo for port services, which is about 200km away.

While at it, Yiwu supplies many products than any other marketplace in China to all these coastal cities.

Individually, Shenzhen has a wholesale market for electronics.

Guangzhou is known for its clothing, jewelry, and related products.

Additionally, all these markets are in different places hence making it difficult to source from them.

And it is only during Canton Fair that suppliers from all these cities tend to congregate at one place in China.

That makes Yiwu the best wholesale marketplace since you can source different product categories within the same vicinity.

Hopefully, you now have insights revolving around Yiwu International Trade Mart.

Thorough research is the surest way of a smooth, safe, and profitable journey to shopping from Yiwu wholesale market.

Always endeavor to strike a bargain as much as possible when you can obtain the items at best rates.

Nevertheless, having a sourcing agent is the wisest decision you can make to buy right products safely and affordably

At Bansar, we’re offering the best agent sourcing services you can ever find in China.

Talk to us today, and let’s make your Yiwu wholesale market shopping an exciting experience.

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