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Distribution Centers in Yiwu, China
Distribution Centers in Yiwu, China

Whenever you need a  huge capacity for your product to be stored, Distribution Centers is the right option! Typically, distribution centers can also be called a fulfillment center or a bulk break center. Due to it’s larger area it allows the movement of products fast, quick and flawless. You can ensure that you store your goods in the right place. A reliable warehouse that provides fast processing of large quantities, with physical security and access requirements. Distribution centers in Yiwu are cost-effective to rent in and can vary greatly based on what kinds of goods are being stored.

Cooperative Warehouses in Yiwu, China
Cooperative Warehouses in Yiwu, China

If you are a small business owner searching to have your own warehouse storage but are limited by your funding, Cooperative Warehouses is another option for you to consider. Cooperative Warehouses are suitable if you have strong connections with other small business company owners seeking for a location to store their products. They provide warehousing facilities at the most affordable
and best rates to their members only. With any of your perishable goods, choose Bansar to find Cooperative Warehouses for your business that ensure the safety of your cargo, and minimize transportation costs.

Public Warehouses in Yiwu, China
Public Warehouses in Yiwu, China

A perfect warehouse for some smaller businesses or companies simply cannot afford the price of a private building and to maintain it. The rental service is open to anyone interested to store their goods such as exporters, importers, wholesalers, government agencies, manufacturers, etc. In order to better encourage the development of trade, Public Warehouses in Yiwu provides a one-stop service such as consolidating your cargo, packing, labeling, trucking, customs brokerageetc. A license from the government is required to start such warehouses. Public Warehouses in Yiwu is the most favorable space of the warehouse to optimize transport costs. Let Bansar find the best warehouse options for you.

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Yiwu Warehouse: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re importing from YiWu Market, most probably, you will rent a warehouse in Yiwu.

That’s why this guide will help you find an affordable, secure, and safe YiWu warehouse.

I will show you where to rent a warehouse, the services you’ll get, and how to manage your imports from China, among other critical aspects.

Let’s dive right in.

Where is YiWu Warehouse Located?

Yiwu warehouse is in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.

Some of the warehouses located in Yiwu include:

  • Cooperate logistics company limited, Yiwu branch
  • Sunny worldwide logistics limited
  • Hebei Baofeng steel structure company limited
  • Yiwu Zhaowen Commercial products firm
  • Henan Canglong steel structure engineering company limited
  • Haitao captain business services company limited
  • Hunan quick feedback supply chain company limited

You don’t have to worry about how to find a China warehouse in YiWu – BanSar will arrange a warehouse for you.

How much does it Cost to Rent Space YiWu Warehouse?

Renting your warehouse in Yiwu will be affected by many factors which affect the price, and these include:

  • Size: Size is a distinctive factor of price as the price will be higher when you demand a bigger warehouse in Yiwu and vice versa for a smaller warehouse.
  • Services: you may need different services for your goods; for example, when dealing with perishable goods, the price of renting a warehouse in Yiwu will be higher.

It is because they require special attention to prevent them from deteriorating.

  • Location: you will have to pay a higher amount for warehouses that are located strategically near roads, railway, seaports, or airports compared to those that are far away.

Therefore, it is generally hard to calculate precisely how much a warehouse will cost in Yiwu as it is dependent on several factors.

You should first decide on what kind of warehouse you want.

Secondly, determine how long you would like to rent the warehouse in Yiwu.

Finally, you can then specify the basic need and facilities you require for your products.

How Big is the YiWu Warehouse?

Yiwu warehouses vary in design and size, and they are about 125,000 square feet in Ingram micro-facility.

Warehouse size

Warehouse size

Which YiWu Warehouse Services can Benefit your Business?

Some of the services that are offered in Yiwu warehouse that can benefit your business include:

  • Receipt of goods
  • Storage
  • Picking
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring of goods
  • Shipment of goods
  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory control
  • Contract warehousing
  • Cross-docking
  • Transloading

Can Foreigners Own Warehouse in Yiwu?

Yes, foreigners can own warehouses in Yiwu after meeting all the regulations stated by the Chinese government.

Every warehouse controlled by at least 25% of foreigners is considered a Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE).

Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) is the most common FIE type and is entirely owned by foreigners.

You should note that depending on the nature of activities and the location you register your warehouse business, a different registered capital is required.

Can you Conduct a Quality Inspection in YiWu Warehouse?

Yes, we do conduct quality inspections in the Yiwu warehouse.

The Yiwu warehouse’s quality inspection entails assessing products’ quality at various stages up to a point right before distribution.

The quality inspections that we perform at the Yiwu warehouse include the following:

  • Inspect upon receipt of the goods in the warehouse to ascertain that they are in the right condition.
  • Inspection in the process: we continuously monitor the goods’ quality when they are in the warehouse to avoid loss and damage to the inventory.
  • An inspection before shipping: before the goods are dispatched, we inspect them to ascertain that they are in the right condition.

The importance of quality control checks before shipping includes:

  • The final quality inspection ensures accuracy.
  • It reduces costs that would have been incurred in the case of shipping errors.
  • It ensures that the products are accurate and of good quality.
  • Quality inspections help in ensuring that the products being delivered are the right ones.
  • It helps reduce customer complaints.
  • Quality inspection adds value to the products of a company.
  • The quality inspection helps reduce the market costs over time.

The quality inspection helps Yiwu warehouse check the following before shipping:

  • Product safety
  • helps in Compliance with the company’s specific requirements.
  • Quantity
  • Product specifications
  • Packing

What are the Common Problems in YiWu Warehouse?

Some of the problems that you might encounter at the Yiwu warehouse include:

  • High labor costs
  • Handling returned items
  • Avoiding product damage
  • Seasonal demands
  • Low space utilization or layout
  • Product diversification
  • Suboptimal picking
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Redundant activities

The best part – With BanSar, we will make the process seamless without any challenges.

What should you Consider Before Renting YiWu Warehouse

Forklift truck in warehouse or storage and shelves with cardboard boxes.

Inside a warehouse

Selecting the correct warehouse position in Yiwu leads to a big difference in how smooth, organized, and income-generating your business will be.

When you are choosing a warehouse location in Yiwu to rent, you must consider the following factors:

a) Rent and Taxes

The cost of a warehouse is among the most important considerations when selecting a warehouse location in Yiwu.

You should consider other costs not shown that could affect the overall rent and taxes you pay for the warehouse in Yiwu.

The rates of rent and taxes paid for a warehouse in Yiwu are generally calculated using square feet per month or per year.

It is essential to liaise with the premises’ owner to get friendly rates.

b) Consider Workforce availability, Labor Skills, and Costs.

You should be keen on the surrounding environment of the warehouse location.

Ensure that there is the availability of personnel who can help around in the warehouse, hire individuals with the right skills.

You must note that your operating costs will increase if your warehouse is located in an area with no available workforce.

c) Roads, Highways, and Traffic Flow

When trucking is the primary mode of transport, you should consider the accessibility to roads, highways, and local traffic density.

Before choosing a warehouse in Yiwu, you should consider the following points:

  • Proper roads Average traffic volume
  • Public transportation penetration
  • Average traffic speed
  • Accessibility to highways & exit ramps
  • signs & signals
  • Highway inter-connectivity
  • Traffic peak hours
  • Road safety & conditions

d) Proximity to Airport, Railway Stations, and Ports

When choosing a Yiwu warehouse, you should ensure that you are as close as possible to your transport mode to ensure effectiveness.

e) Market and Local Environment Factors

When choosing a Yiwu warehouse, you should consider your proximity to suppliers, producers, and the market.

You must ensure you are close enough to your significant suppliers, producers, and customers.

f) Building availability and Utility Costs

When selecting a Yiwu warehouse, you should ensure there is available space to let and essential utilities.

Some aspects of utilities entail electricity, water, internet availability and strength, and communication services.

What are the Benefits of using YiWu Warehouse?

Some of the benefits of using Yiwu warehouse include:

  • Yiwu warehouse will help you get a central storage location for your goods.
  • You will be able to achieve improved order processing of your customers’ orders.
  • Yiwu warehouse will provide you with additional storage space when your production outgrows during your busy months.
  • With better storage management at the Yiwu warehouse, you will be able to improve your production quality.
  • An effective inventory management system at the Yiwu warehouse will significantly help you in making improved purchasing decisions.
  • Using Yiwu warehouse will help you leverage seasonal growth during holiday and shopping seasons such as black Fridays and Christmas.
  • Yiwu warehouse will help you in risk management as it will minimize the loss of your goods from fire, damage, and theft.

What Types of Warehouses are Available in YiWu?

Types of warehouses that we have at Yiwu include:

  • Distribution warehouse: distribution warehouses are used to sell and store vast quantities of goods for a short period.

In the distribution center, we house goods for multiple manufacturers who, in turn, sell to retailers.

  • Climate-controlled warehouse: we use climate-controlled warehouses to store and ship perishable goods.
  • Private warehouses: we have private warehouses owned by massive companies or retail corporations that store goods privately.
  • Public warehouse: we have available warehouses, which is an excellent option for companies requiring short term warehousing needs.
  • Automated warehouse: we have automated warehouses that use order tracking software in the whole warehouse processes.

These warehouses are highly efficient, agile, and very fast.

  • Fulfillment Centre: we have a third-party warehouse where we handle warehousing, processing of orders, picking, packing, and shipping of your goods.

Are Logistics Processes in YiWu Warehouse Automated?

Yes, the Logistics process in Yiwu warehouses is automated.

Warehouse automation will help cut costs, scale operations, and gain efficiencies.

Instead of investing heavily in automation, you may start with digital automation basics, which include:

  • Data collection
  • Inventory control
  • WMS lite

It is good that you consider an all-in-one automation method that suits your model of business.

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a technological application used to control inventory in a warehouse.

 Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

The functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) include:

  1. Inbound logistics:
  2. Inventory management and control:
  3. Outbound order processing:
  4. Shipping and loading:

Some of the benefits of WMS include:

  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Decreased time between picks
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Improved warehouse security and safety
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Modernize warehouse processes.

Does YiWu Warehouse have Special Storage Systems?

Not all Yiwu warehouses have unique storage systems.

But a good warehouse should have unique storage systems like:

  • Cold storage systems
  • Retrieval systems
  • Split case order picking system
  • Automatic guided vehicle robots

How Safe is YiWu Warehouse?

Yiwu warehouse is very secure as we possess the following features:

  • We use WMS for automatic inventory counts, which prevents room for mistakes and fraud.
  • We use ID badges with RFID-enabled sensors, which help us track your goods as they move through all the stages, thus ensuring safety.
  • We have installed CCTVs at all warehouse points, which help us monitor goods’ movement and prevent theft in the warehouse.
  • We have motion detectors that enhance security by detecting the movement of people in the warehouse at odd hours.
  • We use environmental controls and sensors that monitor the temperature to act faster in case of fire, the refrigerator’s status to prevent spoilage, and track power consumption.
  • We have security personnel in place to ensure the warehouse is always protected.

How do you Track Inventory in YiWu Warehouse?

You can track your inventory in the Yiwu warehouse by using systems and policies designated to monitor inventory movement.

Whenever there is the movement of merchandise, the system receives an automatic update of the transaction.

Systems used in tracking inventory help in the elimination of human error experienced when inventory is tracked manually.

Inventory tracking will also help you know how much stock you own and its status (damaged, rejected, returned, and on-hold)

Some of the inventory tracking methods used by shanghai warehouse include:

  • Bar codes
  • RFID technology: active RFID and passive RFID

Can you use YiWu Warehouse as Fulfillment Center?

Yes, you can use the Yiwu warehouse as a fulfillment center.

A fulfillment center is a physical location where a fulfillment provider meets customers’ orders for eCommerce retailers.

Fulfillment centers are used to store and channel out orders as and when they come.

They help in the timely distribution of customers’ demands and relieve pressure from the warehouse.

It is essential to be aware of the similarities between a warehouse and a fulfillment center.

Some of the similarities between the two include:

  • Both are immense structures used for holding products.
  • Warehouses are used for long-term storage solutions, while fulfillment centers are used for short term storage solutions.
  • Fulfillment centers are used for order fulfilments, while warehouses are used for storage purposes.
  • Fulfillment centers have a more dynamic and complex operations model, while warehouses have rigid operations.
  • Fulfillment centers can be used by different customers at a time, while individuals mostly use warehouses.

Fulfillment centers are advantageous for small scale importers because of the following;

  • Pickup of products for individual customer orders
  • Gathering of inventory
  • Order packing
  • Shipment labeling
  • Managing customer exchanges and returns
  • fulfillment centers can guarantee next-day or same-day delivery in various locations.

When is YiWu Warehouse Open?

Most YiWu warehouses are open 24/7 throughout the year except during the main Chinese holiday.

You can confirm with the YiWu warehouse owners when they will be closing the facilities.

How do you Transport Goods from YiWu Warehouse to Sea Port/AirPort?

China’s logistic network is highly developed with a wide range of transportation networks and modes to choose from; Logistics companies are also readily available.

Some of the logistic channels that you can use to transport goods to warehouses in China include:

  • while the government-owned logistic companies.
  • Private domestic enterprises
  • Foreign logistic companies

The modes of transport mainly used in China to transport goods to warehouses in Yiwu include

  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Road

Some of the standard products transported and stored in Yiwu warehouses include:

  • Primary products
  • Chemical products.
  • Textiles
  • Iron and steel
  • Machinery
  • Electronic products
  • Electrotechnology
  • Road vehicles
  • clothing

Which is the Best Option between Buying and Renting YiWu Warehouse?

As a business owner, you may find yourself undecided about renting or buying a warehouse in Yiwu.

Both these options have their advantages and disadvantages, and you may find it hard to choose.

Therefore, you should first conduct intensive research and make an informed decision.

I. Renting Warehouse Space in Yiwu

Renting warehouse space provides you with far more commercial leases than purchases.

It allows you to have more options in choosing the location, size, and other preferences.

When renting, you do not have to pay a given down payment, and thus you may use the finances for the growth of your business.

Renting will also allow you to spread over the costs when paying rent instead of all at once.

Additionally, when renting a Yiwu warehouse, you will not incur money on repairs and maintenance of the facility, saving a lot of time and money.

If the business does not grow in Yiwu’s rented warehouse, you are free to move out as you are not tied down by owning the building.

II. Buying Warehouse Space in Yiwu

When you decide to buy a warehouse in Yiwu, you will have to pay higher upfront costs; that is why substantial companies own most warehouses.

As small and medium-sized businesses, it is advisable to spend that money elsewhere in its growth.

Once you have bought a warehouse in Yiwu and need more warehouse space, it will be difficult for you to sell your current location and relocate to a new one.

Selling property might put you at the risk of losses, and thus you will have trouble taking advantage of new opportunities for business growth.

III. Which Option is Better?

Both renting a warehouse in Yiwu and buying one have their pros and cons, but renting is more efficient for most business owners.

Renting a warehouse in Yiwu is not only a lower risk choice but will also help you save money on maintenance, repairs, and down payment.

When you have rented a warehouse space in Yiwu, you will also enjoy the freedom of moving around to different locations.

You must note that China has some restrictions on foreigners owning property; therefore, renting is a better option.

What Storage Systems does YiWu Warehouse use?

Warehouse storage systems that we use at Yiwu warehouse include:

Warehouse equipment

Warehouse equipment

  • Pallet racking
  • Pallet flow stacking
  • Push back stacking
  • Drive-in stacking
  • Compact pallet stacking
  • Shuttle stacking
  • Cantilever stacking
  • Medium-duty stacking
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Static shelving
  • Multitier racking
  • Mobile shelving
  • Block stacking
  • Wire partitions
  • The automated system, for example:

I. Unit load AS/RS

II. Man-on-board AS/RS

III. Mini-load AS/RS

IV. Deep-lane AS/RS

Are there Bonded or Non-bonded Warehouses in YiWu?

Yes, there are bonded and non-bonded warehouses in Yiwu.

A bonded warehouse is a place that is secure and serves the purposes of export-import and storage of goods.

The importer only pays duties when the goods are removed from the repository.

A bonded warehouse is called because the importer and warehouse owner sign a connected agreement when they enter the warehouse.

The essence of bonded warehouses is to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in export and import business.

The government of China owns most of the bonded warehouses in Yiwu.

You should apply for a certified import storage facility with the customs office if you would like to run a private bonded warehouse.

Your bonded warehouse should have a specific area for storing goods to get approved, and you should also prove financial and operational integrity.

Once your bonded warehouse is approved, you should post a customs bond and agree to the customs inspections required.

A non-bonded warehouse, on the other hand, is a storage space for goods for which the duty is already paid.

Non-bonded warehouses do not have a deferred payment model like bonded warehouses.

Importers would choose non-bonded warehouse in Yiwu to use the goods in the domestic markets rather than exporting.

In a non-bonded warehouse, you should immediately pay the taxes and get your goods inspected irrespective of where they are going.

The customs officials mostly manage non-bonded warehouses, which facilitates the exporters to defer payments until a purchase of their goods is made.

In case of Loss in YiWu Warehouse; Who Takes Responsibility?



When you bring in goods for storage to the Yiwu warehouse, the goods’ responsibility is transferred from you to the warehouse owner.

Therefore, when goods get damaged in the Yiwu warehouse, the goods’ fault will be on the warehouse owner.

You may reduce product damage in the Yiwu warehouse by:

  • Knowing your pallets
  • Loading and wrapping your pallets right
  • Lightening up your operation
  • Keeping the warehouse clean
  • Installing safety equipment
  • Utilizing accumulation conveyors that hold products in

How do you Prepare Goods before Sending them to YiWu Warehouse?

 Inside YiWu Warehouse

Inside YiWu warehouse

You can prepare goods outbound to a warehouse in Yiwu by:

  • Labeling the goods with bar codes for easy retrieval and tracking.
  • Wrapping up all the fragile goods and labeling them.
  • Release the goods based on the warehouse orders.
  • Announce the delivery to the warehouse through a del9very note. The delivery note usually contains information about the goods to arrive at the warehouse.
  • Verify all the goods before dispatch.
  • Compare the good to be delivered with the shipping documentation.

Can you Repackage Products in Yiwu Warehouse?

Yes, we can package your goods to ensure protection when handling them in the warehouse and during shipping.

We also develop packaging which allows items to be stored easily on pallets, thus reducing the cost of material handling.

Some of the packaging types that we use at the Yiwu warehouse include:

  • Internal packaging: this should have dimensions which allow appropriate quantity to be stored more efficiently on a pallet.
  • External packaging: this should protect the internal packaging and the finished item.

Packaging products help Yiwu warehouse in successful warehouse management by:

  • by Minimizing damage to goods.
  • We are reducing the risk of dealing with labor and inventory.
  • Helping manage space in the warehouse.
  • We are ensuring the efficient transportation of goods.

Do China Freight Forwarders have Warehouses in Yiwu?

Yes, freight forwarders have warehouses in Yiwu.

They offer 20-30 days of free warehousing services.

Other services offered by freight forwarders in Yiwu include:

  • They offer door to door transportation from Yiwu to all countries.
  • Freight forwarders organize shipping services by sea, air, and road.
  • They offer you the most competitive rates for shipping for any shipments.
  • Freight forwarders can consolidate your shipment from several suppliers and deliver it as a unit.
  • They will provide you with tracking and pick service in any city.
  • Freight forwarders can handle heavy and combined transportation such as road and railway.
  • They provide a container loading supervision service.

Are there 3PL Warehouses in YiWu?

Yes, there are 3PL warehouses in Yiwu.

3PL stands for third-party logistics.

It involves using a third party or outsourcing of other logistic companies to do distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment on your behalf.

3PLs are common in China, especially in storing goods for short term clients or those looking for one-time manufacturing run for a product.

Some of the advantages of using a 3PL warehouse include:

  • Cost reduction: 3PLs tend to be flexible in pricing, and the client can get prices based on the product quantity.
  • Scale as needed: 3PLs have a broader distribution network and give room for the customer to ship their products where and as required.
  • Provide a better customer experience: their vast distribution network allows customers to have the flexibility of shipping and hustle less.
  • Test new markets; most of the 3PLs in China serve international needs enabling their customers to access new markets.
  • Mitigate risk: most of the 3PLs available offer insurance on their customer’s goods.
  • 3PLs are ideals for customers who are entering the China logistic business for the first time.
  • Get a handle on international logistics: 3PLs mostly help handle logistics documentation required in the global market. Some of the logistic documentation includes documentation, customs, and other duties.

Some of the disadvantages of 3PLs include:

  • you have Lesser control over your product delivery process.
  • More considerable upfront investment when you are beginning dealing with 3PLs

more distance between you and your product.

How long can you Store Goods in YiWu Warehouses?

We do offer both long-term and short-term storage of your goods.

Should you Rent Your Own Yiwu Warehouse Or Share Warehouse with other Importers?

It is advisable to share the warehouse in Yiwu with other importers.

This kind od of warehouse is commonly referred to as a bonded warehouse.

A bonded warehouse is a place that is secure and serves the purposes of export-import and storage of goods.

The importer only pays duties when the goods are removed from the repository.

The essence of bonded warehouses is to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in export and import business.

You should apply for a certified import storage facility with the customs office if you would like to run a private bonded warehouse.

Your bonded warehouse should have a specific area for storing goods to get approved, and you should also prove financial and operational integrity.

Do you Need Licenses to use YiWu Warehouse?

Yes, you must have a storage warehouse license to store your goods at Yiwu warehouse.

It essential you know that you must have a separate storage license for each premise that you store your goods at Yiwu warehouse.

Some of the requirements that you need to apply for a storage warehouse license at Yiwu warehouse include:

  • You should have a basic license application.
  • You require a sales tax identification number.
  • You should have a rate schedule.
  • You should have a properly signed copy of your surety bond.
  • You need the department of buildings document.
  • You should have samples of business contracts.
  • You should have liability insurance for consumer property.
  • You should also have the license fee.

Does YiWu Warehouse have Goods Handling Equipment?

Equipment that you need for use in a warehouse include:

 Handling goods in warehouse

 Handling goods in warehouse

1) Loading and Unloading Trailers Equipment

  • Pallet jacks: this will help you to move heavy loads of up to 600 lbs.
  • Integrated dock levers:
  • Edge of dock levers
  • Truck restraints: This maximizes the loading dock’s safety by eliminating trailer creep and preventing the driver from pulling away while still loading.
  • Dock seals and shelters: These are designed to help you reduce energy loss, damage to property, and insect infiltration.
  • Dock boards and plates: these are highly recommended for non-powered loading and light-activity operations.
  • Bumpers: these will help you protect your loading dock with durable rubber bumpers.
  • Yard ramps: this helps you when unloading trucks.
  • Cranes and hoists: these will help you reduce operator fatigue.
  • Dollies: dollies help in moving heavy boxes, equipment, and other bulky items.
  • Utility carts: these make transportation of tools and material easy.
  • These comprise platform trucks, wagons, stocking trucks, self-propelled security trucks, and wire truck.

2) Moving Goods to Different Parts of the Warehouse

  • Casters: these range from a steel wheel, rubber tire, floor locks, and pneumatic casters.
  • Totes and bins: these are good for shipping, storage, order picking, and materials distribution.
  • Scales and check weighers comprise floor scales, small parts scale, high-speed conveyor scale, pallet scale, and check to weigh and cube.
  • Safety equipment: these include: first aid kit, emergency wash station, antifatigue mats, barrier rails, Bollards, column protectors, wire partitions, traffic visibility mirrors, and handrails.

Which Activities are Prohibited Inside YiWu Warehouse?

Activities prohibited inside Yiwu warehouse include:

  • You should not leave items in aisles, on the floor, or insecurely on a surface.
  • You should not leave spills on the floor.
  • You should not block fire exits, fire extinguishers, or sprinklers.
  • You should not leave sharp tools lying around the warehouse.
  • You should not leave trash scattered carelessly in the warehouse.
  • You should not leave cords and wires on the floor.
  • You should not handle hazardous goods without wearing appropriate PPE.
  • You should never fail to obey signs and signals in the warehouse.
  • You should not stack and store materials in a way that may create a hazard.
  • You should never drive a forklift or use other powered equipment without the necessary training required.
  • You should not use the wrong tools for a job as it may present a significant chance of injury.

Is there a Minimum Requirement for the Size of Space you can Rent in YiWu Warehouse?

Yes, there is a minimum size of space that you can rent in the Yiwu warehouse of about 125,000 square feet.

However, you can rent as much space as you can afford.

How do you Find the Ideal Warehouse in YiWu?

An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should possess the following characteristics:

  • The warehouse location in Yiwu should be a convenient place near highways, airports, railway stations, and seaports where loading and unloading can be quickly done.
  • The ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have enough space to keep the goods in an order.
  • An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have mechanical appliances for loading and unloading. This will help in reducing waste in handling and lower handling costs.
  • You should equip an ideal warehouse in Yiwu for storing perishable items like vegetables, eggs, fruits, and butte in a cold room.
  • An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have proper arrangements to protect goods from external environmental factors.
  • An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have adequate parking space inside the premises for ease of loading and unloading.
  • An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have 24/7 security arrangements to protect the goods from theft.
  • An ideal warehouse in Yiwu should have fire-fighting equipment in place to avoid losing goods due to fire.

Now it’s your turn:

Are you looking for a warehouse in Yiwu?

What is your experience in the YiWu warehouse?

We’d like to hear your story.

Remember, BanSar offers the most affordable warehousing services – contact us now.

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