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Zigbee Thermostat from China
Air Conditioner Control Thermostat
Importing Air Conditioner Control from China

Air Conditioner Control supplier and manufacturer are most in Zhejiang province of China. Zibee thermostat providing a fast and efficient shipping process for your urgent and huge orders. Giving a complete information process about importing products so you can import safely. China leading supplier and manufacturer can handle the whole process.

Digital Thermostat
Importing Digital Thermostat from China

You can always find the most reliable supplier and manufacturer in China who can support your business. China is a country with a high level of productivity. It can be a great source of all kinds of digital Zigbee thermostat according to the necessities present on a certain market. Finding reliable Zigbee thermostat supplier and manufacturer can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products.

Floor Heating Thermostat
Importing Floor Heating Thermostat from China

You can import floor heating Zigbee thermostat in so many types. Find your ideal supplier and manufacturer in China. Whether you want a small or large order for your growing business, you can trust the quality and service of Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces best manufacturer and supplier in China.

Heating thermostat
Importing Heating thermostat from China

For your large needs of heating Zigbee thermostat for your business, you can find professional suppliers in Guangdong province.  You can import a wide variety of options that are available to you. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, that has passed a lot of international certification.

Programmable Communicating Thermostat
Importing Programmable Communicating from China

Get programmable communicating Zigbee thermostat from verified suppliers in China. Most suppliers are located in Guangdong province. A wide variety of Zigbee thermostat is provided by these suppliers. These experienced manufacturers have been trusted for over years of manufacturing. Select various high-quality products and build better relationships with them.

Radiator Valve
Importing Radiator Valve from China

Looking for the best Zigbee radiator valve thermostat manufacturer in China? Guangdong province has the most verified suppliers. But there are also from other areas including Jiangsu and Shandong provinces. These suppliers guaranteed you a high-quality Zigbee thermostat products. But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Remote Control Thermostat
Importing Remote Control Thermostat from China

If you are looking for cheap Zigbee remote control thermostat yet high quality, China manufacturers are supplying the best one. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. Bansar can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

Temperature Controller
Importing Temperature Controller from China

Find your ideal temperature controller Zigbee thermostat from the leading manufacturers found in China. China manufacturers are supplying all types and brands and manufactured a high standard temperature controller to meet the needs of your special requirements. They provide high-quality products at competitive prices. Manufacturers and factories of Zigbee thermostat are commonly based in Guangdong province of China.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Zigbee Thermostat Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Shipping Zigbee Thermostat by sea is the oldest transportation but everything is moved via large cargo containers and secured.
Air Freight from China
For your Zigbee Thermostat fast delivery, air freight shipping is your best option. High level of security and better space for your orders is guaranteed.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Travelling by rail is also extremely cost effective, you can instantly save of freight costs in shipping your Zigbee Thermostat.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you want a hassle free shipping, above all saving time and effort, you can choose door to door shipping.

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  • Free warehouse storage in China

Importing Mugs from China

If you are importing Zigbee Thermostat from China and your concern is finding reliable and trusted Zigbee Thermostat manufacturers,

If you are beginners of importing Zigbee Thermostat and want to know more about Chinese Zigbee Thermostat market

Then this guide really fits for your needs.

This guide will teach you to find and get your best partner in your business.


Best Zigbee Thermostat Manufacturer in China

  • Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bath Products Co., Ltd and Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen, Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd now focus on manufacturing different types of Zigbee Thermostat products. The company covering a 300, 000 square meters of the manufacturing base. However, this is one of the hi-tech companies that is ISO14001, OHSAS8001, and ISO9001 approved.

  • Wenzhou Kennal trade Co., Ltd

This Wenzhou Kennal trade Co., Ltd is specialized in exporting and manufacturing a range of any tool kit and tools. Also, a Zigbee thermostat leading manufacturer, which is located in Wenzhou, China. All of the products they presents are exported to more than 40 countries including America, Europe, Oceania, North Africa, and Asia. With many years of industry experience, they now enjoying a good reputation from clients worldwide.

  • Saswell Group Ltd

Saswell Group Ltd is one of the considered professional, well-experienced Zigbee thermostat manufacturers for more than 18 years today. Aside from manufacturing, they can develop and design altogether. Because of commitment in this field, they had passed UL, CSTB, SEMKO, ETL, VDE, CSTB, BAC, and EU certificates.


Started focusing on the business in 1999, SASWELL CONTROLS LIMITED able to manufacture and design actuator and Zigbee thermostat. The company always presents the most high-quality solutions and services to customers around the world. Each thermostat product featured high accuracy and easy to operate as well.

  • Hangzhou Grom Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Grom Technology Co., Ltd is a company major in manufacturing Zigbee thermostat, Zigbee module, WIFI module, smart TRV, Sub-GHz module, APP software, and more. This is one of the one-stop solutions of smart lighting, home automation, and other control solutions. Based in China, provider of the best and high-quality Zigbee thermostat products.

  • Telin Energy Technology Co., Ltd

For more than a decade of unremitting and protracted efforts, Telin Energy Technology Co., Ltd covers the business scope for different switches&socket fields. As of today, the company employs a total of 300 workers managed over 20 distributors in the world. The company is engaged in the design, production, and exploitation of the Zigbee thermostat productions,

  • Changzhou Bonwin Technology Co., Ltd

Inception happened in 2003, Changzhou Bonwin Technology Co., Ltd currently located in the South part of Yangtze River. Since incepted, Bonwin has been engaging in the creation and application of different Zigbee thermostats. After 10 years of improvement, Bonwin company now turned as one of the leading fabricators of excellent Zigbee thermostat products.

  • Kingting Tech. Corporation

This is one of the recorded reliable and high-tech companies in China that concentrates on Zigbee thermostat product development, sales, service, and production altogether. Kingting Tech is composed of a strong R&D team and cutting-edge technology makes them the #1 choice for clients searching for the best Zigbee thermostat worldwide.

  • Xinerxun Metal Trade Co., Ltd

Located in Guangzhou`s Nansha District, which is part of Guangdong Province, Mainland China. The transportation there is very convenient. Xinerxun Metal Trade Co., Ltd is a trading and manufacturing enterprise which composed of automatic machinery departments, sensor production, and mechanical foundry departments. Some of their products are exported to the US, Europe, South Asia, and more.


Was founded in 2010, ANDSON (PEKING) TECONOLOGY Co., Ltd is concentrated on selling and manufacturing different Zigbee thermostat. This is a company that integrated production, sale, R&D in one.  If you need a Zigbee thermostat for business better choose Andson Tech since they have strong financial support and are CE, RoHS, and ISO9001 certified.

  • Yueqing Xiahua Electronics Co., Ltd

In China, Yueqing Xiahua Electronics Co., Ltd works as a professional manufacturer of thermostats, rotary switches, rocker switches, socket, plug, pressure switches, and more. Originated in the year 1993, was located in the superior geographical surrounding and very convenient transportation. Supported with advanced production equipment, automation equipment, strong development team, and technical research team to satisfy customer`s orders.

  • Wuxi Huishan Automatic Controller Co., Ltd

This is one of world-renowned enterprise which focusing on air conditioning, ventilation, and heating industry. Company founded in 1988, it has enlarged its business to more than 38 foreign countries in Southeast Asia, America, and Europe. Throughout the 30 years of involvement in the developing industry, the company today has built a standard modern factory and laboratories. Around 120 employees are working, including the technical staff.

  • Zhejiang Huaxi Electronics Co., Ltd

Located in Wenzhou, China, Zhejiang Huaxi Electronics Co., Ltd has started its dedication to the industry in 1997. And throughout the efforts in past years, at present, they have employed 100 staff and 16 engineers are also working there. This corporation mainly creates a range of temperature controllers such as Zigbee thermostats, temperature displays, overheat temperature protectors, and so on. These products are widely exported overseas and around China.

  • Nanjing Saiko Controls Co., Ltd

Nanjing Saiko Controls Co., Ltd is a valve and thermostat manufacturing and design factory. This is based in the city of Nanjing, which has very convenient transportation and is the very popular ancient capital of the 6 dynasties. Devoted company in the production, R&D, marketing, and sale of different energy-saving products including Zigbee thermostat.

  • TianRui Electronics Co., Ltd

TianRui Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional in marketing, manufacturing, and developing Zigbee thermostat, fuse holders, and fuse tube. Each product has different quality performances for the auto industry and household electric appliances. This is available for competitive prices and all high-quality based on your specifications given.

  • Dong Heng Hao Electric Co., Ltd

Situated in the city of Dongguan China, Dong Heng Hao Electric specialized in producing and developing thermostats, temperature controllers, thermal protectors, bimetal thermostats, temperature protectors, and more. The company composed of 10 senior technicians, has a wide knowledge of this field. Plus, they only offer products that have been verified by SGS, VDE, TUV, CQC, and UL certifications. Annual output reaches up to 50, 000, 000 pieces.

  • XC Electronics(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

The company originated in 1996, XC Electronics(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, an expert producer of KSD series thermostats, Zigbee thermostats, fuse holders,  car thermostats, SSD miniature thermostats, etc. There are 600 employees working there, they are using all types of production testing equipment to test the ordered product before the shipment. Every year, their production capacity reaches 1, 300 million pieces.

  • Tai Mei Electric Co., Ltd

Tai Mei Electric Co., Ltd was established in Mainland China in 2002. The company specialized in the manufacture and R&D of thermal protectors and ZigBee thermostats. Their products are useful in motors, household appliances, transformers, electrical components, and so on. This holds more than 10 years of experience in distributing thermostats that are high stability and accurate.

  • Shenzhen Zhike Electronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zhike Electronic Co., Ltd professionally offers various Zigbee thermostats and other related products which can meet your expectations. This is one outstanding electronic technology enterprise devoted to the development, sales, integration, and production of temperature guns and thermostats. As of today, they are continuing to update and developing products based on customers` specifications.

  • Yueqing Ann Electric Co., Ltd

Was based in Liushi, China, Yueqing Ann Electric Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer specializing in temperature controllers and Zigbee thermostat products. All of their products are manufactured in accordance to the international standard like IEC947-2 and IEC60898. It is certified also by CCC, ISO9001, and CE certificates. They sincerely welcome customers from all over the world giving the satisfying services they deserve.


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